Keith Wisniewski vs. Ivan Jorge
Round 1: Both fighters are orthodox and Jorge opens immediately trying to score a double, but Wisniewski shows off a nice sprawl. Wisniewski briefly scores a deep underhook in the clinch before Jorge reaches for a single that fails. Jab to the body for Jorge. Jorge pressing Wisniewski into the fence again, but it goes nowhere and Jorge eats a knee to the middle. Two short knees from Wisniewski on Jorge, but the American is now fighting off the takedown against the fence.

Round 2: Left hook finds the mark for Jorge. Now the Brazilian is in on a double which briefly scores. Wisniewski quickly stands and Jorge tries to lock in one hook standing, but it doesn't work. The referee is forced to separate them for inactivity. Now Wisniewski pressing Jorge into the fence, but he's reversed and briefly taken to the mat before standing. Jorge lands a leg kick, but Wisniewski cracks him with a right and ties him up in the clinch.

Round 3: Wisniewski trying to take advantage of Jorge's obvious fatigue by pressuring him into the fence, but can't for now and eats a leg kick. Jorge nails Wisniewski with multiple knees to the body from the clinch. Jorge back to pressuring Wisniewski into the fence, but referee Mario Yamasaki separates them after inactivity and a perceived groin shot. Jorge picks up where he left off and he's driving knee after knee into Wisniewski's body. The rounds exactly there.

Ivan Jorge def. Keith Wisniewski via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-27)
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