Round 1: Leon Roberts is the third man in the cage. Natal works outside leg kicks. Natal cracks Troeng behind the ear and sends him stumbling. Natal lunges on top, quickly moving into half guard. Troeng reverses then stands. Natal keeps him at bay with upkicks. Troeng finally pushes Natal's legs aside and jumps into top position. Natal reveres into top position and locks up half guard. Troeng sweeps but Natal winds up in side control after the ensuing scramble. Troeng is staying active while Natal rains down short elbows. Troeng sweeps into top position then stands. Troeng dives inside and cracks Natal with a left hand. Troeng takes Natal's back. Natal rolls but Troeng maintains top position, landing in half guard. Fun round.

Round 2: Troeng fires a left down the pipe. Natal blasts Troeng with a right hand! Troeng wobbles then crumbles. Oh wow. That was incredible. Natal swarms and unloads a salvo of punches on the ground. Troeng just trying to survive. Natal rains down short elbows. Troeng sweeps into top position. Ridiculous. Natal stands and slams Troeng onto his back. Crazy action here. Natal working from half guard, unloads a few right hands and looks to pass. Natal achieves side control. Troeng squirms out to his feet. Natal powers Troeng against the fence. Natal hunts for a kimura but can't get it. Natal changes levels for a double. Troeng defends then reverses. After another scramble, Troeng returns to hunting for a double against the fence. Wild round. 

Round 3: Natal wings a heavy looping punch past Troeng's ear. Troeng eats a jab then shoots inside for a double. Natal defends against the fence and slithers in a guillotine. Troeng trips Natal to the mat but it only sinks that guillotine in tighter. Roberts checks to see if Troeng is conscious and Troeng flashes a thumbs up. Troeng sweeps into top position, forcing Natal to give up the choke. What heart. Troeng stands. Natal attacks with a leglock then reverses into top position, landing in Troeng's half guard. Natal grabs hold of Troeng's neck but can't lock anything in. Natal whirls onto Troeng's back and sinks in both hooks. Troeng rolls. Natal unloads on last salvo of elbows from the top. 

Rafael Natal def. Tor Troeng via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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