Yuri Villefort vs. Sean Spencer
Round 1: Villefort and Spencer open orthodox with Spencer doing the early stalking. Two hard outside leg kicks land for the Brazilian. Right to the body, left hook combo lands for Spencer. Spencer eats a hard knee in a quick, one-handed clinch, but he seems no worse for wear. Spencer stuffs a single leg, but eats a leg kick for his efforts. Crisp right hand off the jab for Spencer cracks Villefort. More outside leg kicks from Villefort go unchecked by the America. Knee tap from Villefort briefly plants Spencer on the feet, but the American stands almost immediately. More hard leg kicks from Villefort to Spencer's outside lead leg.

Round 2: Villefort opens the frame with a double and Spencer is firmly on his back, but inching his way to the wall and stands. Both fighters exhibiting signs of fatigue and not landing much of consequence as a result. Right hand sneaks through for the American. Villefort attempts a double and it goes nowhere. Villefort landing another solid leg kick. Decent right sneaks through and he's backing Villefort up. Villefort failed on a single and eats a ton of shots as he rolls through. Spencer backs him into the fence and tags him to the head and body multiple times.

Round 3: Spencer tags Villefort with a hard right, but eats another leg kick. Spencer now with his own leg kicks, but doesn't land clean and finally Spencer checks Villefort's leg kick. Villefort whiffs on a jumping knee. Spencer ducks a right and lands a left hook. Then a right straight. Villefort fails on another double. Body kick from Spencer partially scores. Villefort in on a single, but it goes nowhere and he misses on a follow up punch. He's been winging them all round, but two semi-overhand rights score. Right straight, left hook finds the mark for Spencer and he's starting to land much more accurately.

Sean Spencer def. Yuri Villefort via split decision (30-27 Spencer, 29-28 Villefort, 29-28 Spencer)
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