Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is our referee. Vinicius whiffs on a low kick. Bagautinov stalks forward, then wades inside with a salvo. Bagautinov muscles Vinicius against the fence. Bagautinov slams a right hook into Vinicius' temple and drops him. Bagautinov swarms with punches. Vinicius just trying to survive. Bagautinov lunges onto a guillotine. Vinicius rolls and escapes. Wow, great patience. Vinicius swivels onto Bagautinov's back and locks in both hooks. He's looking for a choke but he's too high on Bagautinov's back. Bagautinov stands and tries to shake Vinicius off. It doesn't work. Vinicius transitions into an armbar but Bagautinov has none of it. Vinicius dumps Bagautinov back onto the mat at the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Vinicius.

Round 2: Vinicius opens with a low kick. Bagautinov tries to answer with a flurry and misses. Vinicius pumps his jab, then eats a left. Bagautinov blasts Vinicius with a straight right then changes levels and secures the power double. Vinicius works to his feet only to be dragged back to the mat. Vinicius hunts for an omaplata from the bottom but Bagautinov evades. Bagautinov stands and allows Vinicius to follow suit. Bagautinov keeping his hands low. Vinicius cracks him with a right hand. Bagautinov wades inside again but can't find his mark. Bagautinov explodes into a power double and completes it to end the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bagautinov. (19-19 overall.)

Round 3: Bagautinov lunges inside and misses. He's having trouble overcoming that reach disadvantage. Vinicius softly tosses out a low kick and backs up. Bagautinov feigns then catches a kick. Bagautinov working for a single against the fence. Bagautinov drops his hips then switches to a double. Vinicius defends. Yamasaki has seen enough; he splits it up. Bagautinov unloads a monstrous right hand into Vinicius' jaw! Vinicius tumbles to the mat and eats a slew of follow-up punches. Wow. This one is over, folks.

Ali Bagautinov def. Marcos Vinicius via TKO (punches) at 3:28 of round three.

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