Dylan Andrews vs. Papy Abedi
We conclude the prelims with a middleweight scrap between Ultimate Fighter alum Dylan Andrews (16-4) and Papy Abedi (9-2). Andrews has won five straight, while Abedi snapped a two-bout losing skid earlier this year. The referee will be Herb Dean.

Still not sure how I feel about the decision to include latest betting odds and peg the favorite and underdog, but it is probably here to stay as far as FOX Sports cards go.

Round 1: Abedi with a nasty kick to the body to start. The elder Abedi looking for a takedown, so he lifts Andrews up over his head and slams him down. Andrews tries to secure a choke, but Abedi moves to side control and is free. An exchange between the two and the ref, but Abedi just slams Andrews back down to the canvas once action continues. The break between live fights seems to have killed the crowd, which is very quiet. Or, maybe it's these two fighters. Abedi attempting a standing guillotine as we go under a minute, and Andrews breaks free with a takedown attempt. Trip takedown from Abedi, but Andrews pops right back up.

Round 2: Andrews told his corner his hand was bothering him between rounds. Andrews throws a kick, but he hasn't been able to string anything together offensively yet. Some booing starting to reign down on the fighters from the crowd, which is disgruntled by the lack of action. Andrews with a left-right and goes to a trip takedown attempt that scores, but Abedi pops back up before any damage can be done. Abedi attacks and hurts Andrews, dropping him to the canvas. Abedi in side control, looks for a guillotine and goes to work on the body. Abedi with two knees to the body and some nasty lefts to the face. He goes back to working the ground-and-pound, while also looking for potential guillotines.

Round 3: Abedi working the clinch game, and the ref has seen enough, calling for a break. Andrews fires off a heavy rght, and an uppercut that has knocked Abedi down and out. Andrews with several lefts and rights, but Abedi was already out before the ref could step in and save him. Andrews is very emotional, stomping around the Octagon. A straight right started the end, which came after a pair of right uppercuts.

Dylan Andrews def. Papy Abedi via KO (strikes) at 1:32 of Round 3

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