Round 1:
Ring takes the center of the cage. Magalhaes exploding with a high kick that misses wide. Ring responds with a high kick of his own – also misses. Magalhaes connects with a body kick. Ring goes high with a kick that connects. Magalhaes responds with an overhand right. An accidental eye poke results in a time out. Ring establishing his jab, Magalhaes winging overhand rights but has yet to land flush since the first one he connected with. They clinch up with Ring landing short knees in the clinch. Magalhaes lands a solid knee off the break. Magalhaes lands an inside low kick. He then shoots in for a take down but Magalhaes defends all the way to the cage. Ring reverses Magalhaes against the cage and has a Thai-plum and is landing some big knees to the body and head. Ring has connected with about ten unanswered knees. Ring lands a big elbow off the break. Surprisingly, Ring goes for a take down. Magalhaes grabs the fence and has his hand literally slapped away by the referee. Ring secures the take down. Magalhaes rolls for a knee bar but Ring defends and obtains side control. Magalhaes is able to create room and return to his feet. Magalhaes grabs a Thai-plum but doesn’t have the same success. Magalhaes connects with a right. Ring changes levels for a take down immediately taking side control.

Round 2:
Ring secures a take down early on in the round which is a surprise given Magalhaes’ grappling credentials. Ring very composed in top control moving to side mount and looking to isolate an arm for a crucifix position. Ring is working some short elbows but is swept by Magalhaes who takes top position. Ring utilizing a butterfly hook while working elbows from his back. Magalhaes looking to advance position but Ring’s defense is solid. Magalhaes postures up to his feet looking to step over but the butterfly of Ring is preventing him from doing so.  Magalhaes lands a good body head combination. Ring switches to full guard. Magalhaes is riding the position landing some peppering ground and pound but not much in terms of significance. Final 10 seconds in the round. Magalhaes finishes the round on top.

Round 3:
Ring takes the center of the octagon, both fighters looking tentative. Magalhaes landing consecutive outside low kicks. They then exchange low kicks. Magalhaes steps in with a right cross. Ring eats a low kick but gives one of his own. Magalhaes connects with a two punch combination. Magalhaes throws a sloppy overhand that misses and eats a low kick. Magalhaes rushes forward with yet another straight right that connects. Magalhaes lands a 1-2 combination that has Ring backing up likely due to fatigue more than anything. Magalhaes swarms him, Ring is tripped up and taken down. Magalhaes works from Ring’s guard but not much action and so the referee stands them up. Magalhaes wings a right hand, Ring ducks under and shoots for a double leg. Magalhaes stuffs and they scramble for position on their knees. Ring with a hold on Magalhaes left leg, Magalhaes with a hold around the back of Ring. Magalhaes is softening Ring up with punches to the body. The referee stands them up again. Ring shoots in for another double leg and they return to the cradle position before the stand up.  Magalhaes continues to work the body of Ring. Ring tries to elevate Magalhaes but Magalhaes defends and continues to throw peppering shots. Magalhaes ends the round on top landing some ground and pound.

Caio Magalhaes defeats Nick Ring via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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