Correia and Kedzie meet in the center. Kedzie throws a low kick while working her feints. Kedzie wings a right hand. They trade feints. Correia conects with a lead left hook. Kedzie with a body kick. Kedzie lands flush to the body with a front kick. Correia presses forward with a right hand. Kedzie doing a good job keeping Correia at bay with her kicks. Kedzie throws two consecutive body kicks and follows it up with a spinning back fist. Correia looking comfortable trying to counter, that is until she charges forward clinching with Kedzie momentarily pushing her against thec age. They separate and reset in the center.  Correia connects with a body shot followed up by a big right hook. Correia is finding her range. Kedzie connects with a right hand after a failed spinning back kick attempt. Correia forces a clinch pressing Kedzie against the cage landing short shots in the clinch. Correia is imposing her gritty style on Kedzie quite well as we reach the end of this round. Correia throws a high kick but slips. Kedzie tries to swarm but isn’t able to capitalize. Correia shoots in for a take down before the bell getting  Kedzie to the ground.

Round 2:
And we begin round 2. Kedzie opening the round with a low kick. Correia comes forward with a right but eats a body kick on her way in. Kedzie opening up more with her strikes, following up her 1-2 punching combinations with a kick. Correia throws a low kick but Kedzie catches it and counters with a straight right. They circle each other in the center. Correia continues to try and get on the inside but Kedzie is catching her every time she steps in while using her kicks to fight from the fringe. Kedzie connects with another front kick to the body as Correia comes in that has Correia off balance and stumbling. Correia closes the distance pressing Kedzie against the cage. Kedzie creates space and breaks landing an elbow on separation. Correia comes forward with a right, Kedzie grabs a Thai-plum and lands a knee but is pushed against the cage.  Correia utilizing foot stomps and short strikes. Kedzie is able to create room once again landing a knee and a short elbow off the break. Kedzie connects with a spinning back kick to the body, Correia goes over the top with a right. They trade feints before Correia shoots in for a double leg. Kedzie secures under hooks and defends but is pressed against the cage. Correia throws foot stomps once more as she forces Kedzie to carry her weight against the cage. The bell sounds.
Round 3:

Kedzie connects with a right to start off the round. Correia comes forward but eats another right. Correia lands a low kick. Correia wings a left hook at Kedzie. Kedzie goes to the body with a kick followed by a high kick. Correia lands with a right over the top. Kedzie looking to reestablish her range with her kicks and feints. Correia is increasing her output and is fighting with urgency. Kedzie connects with a body kick but Correia catches it and punishes Kedzie with a take down. Correia drags Kedzie to the fence for some reason. Kedzie attempts to use the cage to get up to her feet but Correia capitalized and takes her back. Kedzie explodes at the right time turning into Correia and returns to her feet. Kedzie throws a spinning wheel kick that some what lands up stairs. One minute remaining. Correia lands a straight right while Kedzie lands a body kick. They clinch momentarily but let it go before throwing anything. Correia is charging forward with hooks. 10 seconds. Kedzie lands a side kick to the body. Correia rushes Kedzie winging lefts and rights. The bell sounds!
Bethe Correia defeats Julie Kedzie via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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