Round 1:Hester takes a wide stance  and circles on the outside. Andrews eats a big right hand. Hester leaps forward with a left hook. Andrews eats a low kick. Hester goes over the top with a big left hook followed by forcing a clinch and throwing a knee. Andrews closes the distance taking away Hester’s mobility and secures a body lock take down. Andrews is riding out half guard but hasn’t thrown any strikes or advances position. He looks to trap the left arm of Hester with his right knee.  Hester obtains an under hook and looks to swivel his hips out and return to his feet. Andrews looks to sink in an arm-in guillotine but Hester escapes and now looks to work in Andrews’ half guard. Andrews is able to obtain an underhook and use a similar escape Hester did to return to his feet. They clinch against the cage – Hester lands a glancing elbow but is slammed down by Andrews who lands in side mount to close out the round.

Round 2:
Andrews is working his low kicks early in this round, landing four consecutive low kicks before Hester throws one of his own. The movement of Hester has slowed significantly it seems, but so has the overall pace. Hester bull rushes Andrews and is able to trip him up and take him down landing in half guard. Hester is working his top control landing short punches and elbows. Andrews is being smothered right now and cannot seem to create any space to find a way up. Hester manages to momentarily take the back of Andrews but Andrews explodes out and works his way up to his feet. Hester lands some huge right hands as Andrews works his way up before they reset in the center. Andrews is wearing the damage of Hester’s ground and pound. Andrews lands a low kick that trips Hester to the ground – he gets up quickly. They exchange some light shots and the bell sounds.

 Clint Hester defeats Dylan Andrews via TKO (doctor stoppage due to a dislocated shoulder) after round 2


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