Round 1:
Scoggins opens with a spinning heel kick. His karate background is showing. Vaculik is aggressively pressing forward though, not standing infront of Scoggins. Vaculik shoots for a take down but Scoggins is able to roll with him maintaining double underhooks and winds up on top. Vaculik inches  himself back to the cage and is able to get up to his feet. Vaculik and Scoggins scramble for position, Scoggins clips Vaculik with a right that drops him and Scoggins is able to regain top position. Scoggins works his ground and pound but Vaculik appears to of recovered. Vaculik is once again able to cage walk up to his feet but Scoggins stays on him against the cage landing short elbows in the clinch. Scoggins is able to drag him back down, Vaculik with a butterfly guard in. Scoggins forces half guard and steps over into full mount with a minute to go in the round. Vaculik escapes and is able to regain half guard. Vaculik looked to isolate an arm but Scoggins uses his submission attempt to take control of his back and is unloading with ground and pound. The referee steps in and calls a stop to the fight!

Justin Scoggins defeats Richie Vaculik via TKO at 4:43 in round 1.

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