Round 1:
A touch of the gloves and we are underway. Santos pressing forward early taking the center, cutting Jotko off and landing a body kick. Jotko moving side to side very close to the cage. Jotko lunges forward with a left, Santos looks tor espond with a right but is immediately  countered  with a left straight. Santos changes levels for a take down – Jotko defending against the fence. Santos forcing Jotko to carry his weight against the cage landing some short strikes in the clinch. Santos goes for a trip but Jotko is able to wind up on top landing in half guard. Santos scrambles and pops back up to his feet but Jotko stays on him in the clinch. Santos is able to utilize somewhat of a hip throw but Jotko is quick to return to his feet and is able to maintain good position pressing Santos against the cage. Jotko is working his left hand while defending the trips of Santos. Santos turns him around and changes levels looking for a double leg. He drags Jotko down but Jotko returns to his feet immediately though eats a right on his way up. They battle more in the clinch. Jotko goes for a front kick that is countered by a right by Santos and the bell sounds.
Round 2:
Santos takes the center once again. Jotko pawing at him with his jab. Santos rushes forward with a right but is countered with a left hook. Jotko establishing his range with feints and low kicks. Santos wings another overhand right that is countered by Jotko. Santos changes levels for yet another take down but Jotko defends against the cage once more. Jotko peppers the body of Santos with his right hand as they clinch against the cage. They exchange some short strikes – Jotko spins Santos around with a body lock and breaks free. Jotko dances around Santos and connects with a left straight. Santos appears to of gone low with a punch but no time out was called. Santos rushes forward pressing Jotko against the cage once again but Jotko defends his take down attempts and lands short strikes in the clinch. Santos lands a knee to the inner thigh of Jotko before dropping for another take down attempt. Jotko stuffs the attempt and reverses Santos against the cage landing some short knees and punches in the clinch. Jotko connects with a left that has Santos staggering to the ground. Jotko jumps on him with flurries but isn’t able to put him away. Santos appears to be fine. The bell sounds.
Round 3:
Jotko continues to circle around Santos as Santos has appeared to of abandoned combinations and is resorting to winging right hands. Santos rushes forward changing levels for another take down. This time he secures his hands around Jotko for a double leg, picking him up and slamming him onto his back. Santos is looking to work some ground and pound in Jotko’s full guard but nothing significant is landing. Jotko finds some space and is able to escape from the position and finds himself on top of Santos. Santos connects with an elbow as well as some clean punches. Jotko’s ground and pound appeared to be much more significant and was able to maintain top control and establish his ground and pound to close out the latter half of the fight.

Krzysztof Jotko defeats Bruno Santos via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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