Round 1:
Bigfoot with a low kick. They both look tentative. Bigfoot throws a front kick. Hunt is extending his jab trying to find his range. Bigfoot lands another low kick. Hunt loads up a right hand but misses. Silva ducks under and stumbles towards a take down but is tossed aside and returns to his feet. Bigfoot throws a kick and goes over the top with a right. Hunt soaks it. Hunt charges forward with a three punch combination – Bigfoot covers up. They exchange wildly.  Bigfoot connects with a right. Hunt stumbles to the ground. Bigfoot swarms him but Hunt recovers. Hunt throws out his jab and a straight right, but Bigfoot covers up once again. Hunt with a low kick. Bigfoot with a front kick followed up by another right hand. Hunt explodes forward with another combination but  Bigfoot is going a good job covering up to avoid damage. Bigfoot clinches for a bodylock take down but Hunt secures underhooks and spins Bigfoot against the cage. Hunt works some lefts to the body. Hunt tries for an outside trip but fails and they separate. Bigfoot with a kick to the body. The bell sounds.

Round 2:
Bigfoot continues to work his kicks from the outside. Hunt explodes forward with a lead left hook and a straight right. Hunt comes forward with a lead left hook but Bigfoot counters with another leg kick. Bigfoot lands another  front kick. Bigfoot charges forward throwing wildly but Hunt is able to avoid damage and circle away from the cage. Bigfoot tries for a spinning back kick but misses completely. Hunt lands a straight to the body. Bigfoot goes high with a kick but is checked. Hunt lands a low kick but is countered by a straight right. They both swing with big rights that miss wide. Hunt follows it up with another straight right that lands flush and has Bigfoot backing up. Hunt lands a low kick. Hunt throws a two punch combination connecting with his right. Bigfoot connects with a left in the exchange. Hunt goes to the body with a kick. Bigfoot responds with a low kick and another front kick. One minute remaining. Hunt trying to get inside and land a shot. Bigfoot lands a low kick that hurts Hunt. He’s having a hard time putting weight on it. Hunt switches stances and Bigfoot increases the volume in his kicks. 10 seconds remaining.

Round 3:
Third and final round! Hunt has a slight limp coming out of his corner. Hunt presses forward with a combination. Bigfoot circles away. Bigfoot goes low with a kick but Hunt changes levels and secures a take down. Bigfoot scrambles and gets back to his feet but Hunt stays on him and completes another take down almost landing in side control. Bigfoot returns to his feet but is pressed against the cage momentarily. They separate off the cage. Hunt lands a jab – Bigfoot attempts to shoot in for a take down but Hunt stuffs his attempt and turns him against the cage. Bigfoot turns off the cage and lands a kick off the break. Hunt lands an uppercut, Bigfoot swings wildly in return. Hunt is getting the better of the exchange. They separate. Hunt lands a huge right hand that floors Bigfoot. Hunt is slow to swarm him likely due to fatigue. Hunt starts landing elbows on him from half guard. Hunt is throwing rights but these aren’t enough to put Bigfoot away. Bigfoot’s nose looks to be busted up.  10 seconds left in the round and Hunt is unloading his ground and pound. The bell sounds. Strong end for Hunt.

Round 4:
Hunt and Bigfoot come out swinging early. Bigfoot lands a low kick but Hunt is throwing heavy leather connecting with a right. They clinch up with Hunt pressing Bigfoot against the cage. Bigfoot separates and lands a low kick. Hunt defends a take down from Silva and ends up switching it on him completing a double leg and ending up on top of Silva. Silva throws up his legs for an arm bar attempt but Hunt uses the cage to help defend the submission. Hunt is beginning to unload his rights. Bigfoot is able to create space and kick Hunt off and return to his feet but Hunt presses him against the cage. Bigfoot circles off the cage. Hunt lands a right hand. Bigfoot goes for another low kick. Hunt lands a big elbow, Bigfoot lands a right. Hunt follows it up with another elbow. Hunt lands another left and a right. They’re swinging wildly at eachother! Both fighters with their hands at their sides throwing huge bombs. Bigfoot has Hunt backing up. Bigfoot is teeing off. Hunt is eating some big shots. Bigfoot lands a knee. Hunt responds with a big left that has Bigfoot backing up! He lands another right! Hunt looks for an outside trip but as they fall Bigfoot ends up on top. Bigfoot is working his ground and pound now. Hunt tries to hip escape but Bigfoot takes full mount. Bigfoot is unloading once again! Bigfoot opens up a big  cut on the forehead of Hunt with an elbow. Final 10 seconds! Bigfoot lets up a bit on the ground and pound. The round ends!

Round 5:
Hunt opens the round with a 1-2 combination that lands flush. The crowd reacts. Hunt lands another right. Bigfoot still plods forward. Hunt lands two jabs and a left hook. Bigfoot goes in for a take down. Hunt stuffs the attempt. Hunt lands a jab and a right elbow that split Bigfoot open. Hunt lands three left hooks. Bigfoot shoots in for another take down. Hunt lands a right. Hunt lands another elbow followed by a jab followed by two left hooks. Bigfoot looks hurt. he’s backed up against the cage. Hunt is landing some big shots. Hunt goes to the body with a hook. Bigfoot lands a big right hand before the referee calls for a time out to have the doctor take a look at the cut. The fight is resumed. Hunt goes straight at Bigfoot with a right hand. Bigfoot lands a low kick. Hunt lands a jab. Bigfoot wings an overhand right but misses. Hunt lands a left hook and a right straight. Bigfoot throws an overhand right. Hunt backs up. Bigfoot goes for a weak flying knee followed by a take down attempt. Hunt stuffs the attempt but is pressed against the cage. Bigfoot is starting to tee off on Hunt. Hunt comes back with a HUGE counter left. He circles off the cage. Hunt lands a right elbow. And another.Bigfoot throws a low kick. Hunt with another right hand. Bigfoot clinches with Hunt against the cage. Hunt turns him around. Bigfoot grabs hold of a Thai-plum and throws a knee. Bigfoot eats a right to land one of his own. Hunt presses him against the cage after a brief separation. They battle in the clinch. The bell sounds! What a fight!

The judges score this fight a majority draw (48-47 Hunt, 47-47, 47-47)

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