Round 1:
Quite a noticeable size advantage between the two as Palelei immediately shoots in for the take down. Barry defends against the cage and separates. Barry wings a low kick but misses. He goes high with a kick, also misses. Palelei charges forward for a double leg – Barry connecting with a flying knee but Palelei soaking in and completing the take down. Barry looking to isolate an arm for a kimura but Palelei escapes and loosk to work in Barry’s half guard. Palelei is driving punches into the ribs of Barry. Palelei steps over to full mount and is unloading his ground and pound. Barry looks to be out for a moment as he eats these shots and the referee stops the fight!

Soa Palelei defeats Pat Barry via knock out at 2:09 in round 1.

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