Round 1:
They touch gloves and we’re under way. Bader taking the center with Perosh using footwork and circling the outside. Perosh appears to of tripped but Bader isn’t able to swarm him. Bader grabs hold of a Thai-plum and lands some short rights that send Perrosh to the ground. Bader swarms him with ground and pound but Perosh recovers and gets to his feet. Bader then lands a big uppercut that has Perosh hurt. Perosh throws back landing a big right that has Bader backing off. Perosh rushes forward but isn’t able to land anything – he’s tripped up and Bader ends up on top of him against the fence. Bader lands a big elbow followed up by consecutive lefts.Perosh is starting to work his way up to his feet but Bader is sticking to him landing rights whenever there’s an opening. Bader throws out two jabs. Perosh charges forward with another wild combination. Bader ducks under and grabs hold of a body lock dragging Perosh down. Bader continues to work his  ground and pound to close out the round that has a cut opened on the forehead of Perrosh.
Round 2:
Bader is keeping calm so far while Perosh is trying to blitz through Bader. Bader ducks under his combination and manages to take Perosh down once again. Bader is working short elbows from top position. Bader is posturing up to his feet and is looking to rain down some big shots on his way back down into guard. He connects with a right that has Perosh trying to adjust. He rolls over giving up his back to try and prop himself up onto his knees but Bader continues to drag him back down and quite simply beat him up. Bader postures up to his feet again connecting with consecutive big lefts as he works back into guard. Bader is increasing the volume of short elbows thrown to a Perosh who appears to be defenseless at this point. The bell sounds with Bader on top.

Round 3:
Perosh once again attempts another blitz but Bader ducks under and counters his aggression with a take down. Bader lands in side control and lands another glancing elbow. Bader  continues to control Perosh, smothering him with his ground and pound landing non stop lefts and right elbows. Perosh still trying to get back to his feet but Bader is continuing to grind him out. Perosh is able to get back to his feet momentarily but is dragged down by Bader who has increased the volume of his ground and pound ten fold as he looks to finish the fight. Perosh survives the onslaught and once again props himself back to his feet but is immediately taken down. Perosh is bleeding profusely. Bader is pouring it on as we  close out the round.

Ryan Bader defeats Anthony Perosh via unanimous decision (30-27. 30-27, 30-26)

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