Round 1:
Phan takes the center of the cage and is looking to get on the inside by setting it up with his jab. Phan connects with a shot to the body. Mizugaki connects with a body head combination. Mizugaki is winging some heavy punches at Phan. Mizugaki connects with a huge right hook to the body. Mizugaki connects with his left hook once again and presses forward following it up with another body shot. Phan is countering but not landing as significantly. Mizugaki surprises Phan with a take down, securing it easily. Phan uses the cage to get back to his feet, Mizugaki sticks on him but in one quick motion lets go and unloads three punches on an unsuspecting Phan. Miuzgaki and Phan continue to trade in the pocket with Mizugaki getting the better of the exchanges. Mizugaki changes levels for a double leg, elevating Phan and completing the attempt.  Phan props himself up to his feet eating a punch but is able to reset to the center of the cage. Phan looking to establish his jab but Mizugaki connects with a right straight. Mizugaki goes with another big hook to the body and follows it up with a left hook to the head of Phan. And another left hook to the body followed by an overhand right. Mizugaki is unloading his punches on Phan who appears to be a proverbial punching bag for Mizugaki rat this point.

Round 2:
Phan pressing forward with his jab once again. Mizugaki continues to throw in flurries though with Phan absorbing most of them. Mizugaki connects with a HUGE left hook that finally drops Phan. Phan is backing up. Mizugaki chases  him down. Phan is backed up against the cage. Mizugaki is unloading! Phan is somehow still on his feet. Mizugaki is connecting with flurry after flurry, eventually letting off the gas to prevent himself from burning out. Phan backs off the cage and is once again looking to press forward with the jab. Wow. Mizugaki lands a left hook. Phan still trying to find his range. Mizugaki shoots for a take down but Phan defends. Mizugaki continues to land at will. Phan and Mizugaki clinch up, with Mizugaki taking the back of Phan on their feet. Phan looks to isolate an arm for a kimura but Mizugaki defends. They separate. Mizugaki looking a little more fatigued as Phan is finding some openings for his shots. Mizugaki goes to the body, Phan goes to the body with a left hook as well landing the harder shot. Mizugaki wings a lead uppercut, Phan dodges and counters. The bell sounds. What a round!

Round 3:
Mizugaki continues to find success with his left hook to the body. Phan coming forward with urgency throwing in combinations. Mizugaki isn’t backing down though, doubling up on his jab setting up his right cross. Mizugaki changes levels for a take down. Phan threatens with a kimura once again but Mizugaki escapes and they reset. Phan connects with a left hook that appears to of stunned Mizugaki who drops for a take down. Phan defends and lets Mizugaki back up. They’re trading wildly in the pocket. Phan comes over the top with a right followed by a left hook to the body. Mizugaki connects with a right. They continue to exchange combinations, both landing flush as defense seems to of been thrown out the window. Mizugaki comes forward with a big left hand. Phan connecting with a right. Mizugaki throws a knee to the body before going back to trading punches with Phan. One minute remaining. Mizugaki goes for a take down but Phan sprawls easily. Phan counters with a left hook. They continue to trade. Mizugaki catches Phan with a left hook followed by a straight. Final 10 seconds. Mizugaki presses forward winging punches. What a fight!
@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Phan

Takeya Mizugaki defeats Nam Phan via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-28)

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