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Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. John Moraga for the UFC flyweight championship

Round 1: Moraga doing a nice job of landing two, three punches at a time when he comes in after Johnson. "Mighty Mouse" gets inside and lands a big uppercut, but Moraga continues to do some damage with combos. Moraga pushes him up against the fence, negating Johnson's speed. The champ scores with a takedown, moving to side control and looking for a potential armbar. He gets an arm trapped, but Moraga frees it and is forced to deal with the transition game of Johnson.

Round 2: Big takedown from Johnson to start the round. At the end of the first, he had a good guillotine locked in, but the bell sounded. Now, Johnson moves to side control, landing elbows to the face and now peppering him with rights. Mighty Mouse seems really poised to go for a finish after a handful of consecutive decisions. Moraga catches the head with his legs, but can't keep it secured. Johnson takes the back and is unloading with rights, dominating this fight through the first eight minutes. Back to the back with a hook locked in, and he drags Moraga to the mat. Moraga, now, gets up and has him pinned against the fence. Johnson shoots from across the Bud Light logo and scores with another takedown.

Round 3: Moraga starting this round much better, coming out after Johnson and attacking. But, once again, Mighty Mouse uses his wrestling and scores with a takedown. Moraga fires up his legs for a submission, but Johnson gets free and passes easily. To the back the champ goes, securing a hook and going over seven minutes of top position. Moraga, though, fights out and gets to his feet. Moraga attempts a takedown, but Johnson gets it instead and moves to an advantageous position. Johnson working the left arm with just over a minute left, but Moraga is able to flip himself free. Moraga ends the round with a takedown, but is unable to do any damage.

Round 4: You would have to think Moraga knows he has 10 minutes to score a finish or lose this fight. Johnson with a takedown and back into control. Again, the champ is working the left arm for a kimura, before shifting over to a guillotine attempt. This has really been a clinic of execution for Johnson, as he transitions to the back, but is unable to keep Moraga down. The two fighters separate and Moraga starts to go for a takedown or slip forward, and it appears as if Johnson caught him with an illegal knee. Nothing was called, so the action continues. Moraga catches him and sends Johnson flying back, but DJ is able to secure a takedown to get his wits back.

Round 5: Moraga busted open the champion late in the fourth, as blood is pouring from his nose. Johnson, though, comes right out and gets his 10th takedown of his bout. Moraga trying to get up and use his striking, but Mighty Mouse will have none of it. Johnson back to work on the kimura, this time the right arm. He transitions to an armbar, and gets it, securing another title defense.

Demetrious Johnson def. John Moraga via submission (armbar) at 3:43 of Round 5 to retain the UFC flyweight championship

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