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Jake Ellenberger vs. Rory MacDonald

Round 1: MacDonald giving Ellenberger the death stare as they prepare to square off. MacDonald catches him with a sharp right jab, and a large "USA" chant breaks out in support of Ellenberger. More of the jab from MacDonald, as Ellenberger has been patient with his striking. Ellenberger closes the distance and lands several lefts and a knee. Big left from Ellenberger off a counter. Quick left jab from "Ares."

Round 2: MacDonald using his size and reach to keep Ellenberger from getting inside and doing any damage. The crowd is getting very restless as the lack of action, but you can't fault MacDonald for that because he is sticking to his game plan. Ellenberger shoots for a takedown and gets denied. MacDonald peppering him with the jab, much like Georges St-Pierre likes to do.

Round 3: You would have to think Ellenberger's corner is telling him he is down and needs to swing for the fences. Ellenberger just cannot figure out how to get inside and attack. Nice straight jab finally lands by Ellenberger, as does an overhand right, with three minutes left. Two straight jabs by MacDonald, who slips on a kick attempt. Left from Ellenberger, as we have more offense in these last two minutes than the first two rounds. Ellenberger powers for a takedown with a minute left. Looking to get into a position to do damage, but MacDonald is tying him up nicely. Just 30 seconds left, and Ellenberger needs a finish, but is stuck inside the guard.

Rory MacDonald def. Jake Ellenberger via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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