Kevin Harvick appeared to intentionally spin Brian Vickers just after the checkered flag at Martinsville Speedway. Harvick then bumped into Vickers’ car on pit road and blocked him as the two headed to the garage after the race.

Harvick and Vickers were involved in a wild three-wide battle with Danica Patrick 11th on the final lap. Vickers, who bumped and banged with Patrick over the final two laps, finished 11th, followed by Patrick and Harvick.

Vickers said he had no idea why Harvick spun him after the race was over.

“I don’t know. I’ve got to talk to Harvick about it,” Vickers said. “We hadn’t really raced that much all day and then he wrecked us after the checkered flag.

“It was pretty blatant, too — he just turned right into us. … I have no idea what that was about. I hadn’t even been around him. He just hooked me.”

Harvick was not interviewed after the race and posted only a one-word tweet afterward that said: “Frustrated.”

Vickers also had a spirited battle with Patrick.

“The 10 and I were racing pretty hard,” he said. “I got to her and got under her several times and she ran me down into the marbles, ran me into the curb, was blocking pretty bad, so I put the bumper to her a little bit.

“If you’re going to block and run me across the curb, you’ve got to expect to get the same in return. We raced hard all day and raced clean with a lot of people, and I would say I did the same with Danica. I didn’t try to wreck her; if you’re going to run me through the marbles, what am I going to do?”

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