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NASCAR fans like drivers with strong personalities, ones willing to speak their minds and, at times, take on others in a spirited debate. 

They like drivers who are outspoken, whether it’s ripping another driver, speaking out on important issues or even taking on NASCAR. 

And, until it fined Denny Hamlin $25,000 for speaking his mind last week, it seemed that NASCAR liked that, too. 

Hamlin’s fine for criticizing NASCAR’s new car has sparked an intense debate about what NASCAR drivers should and should not be allowed to say. 

As the Hamlin case shows, being outspoken and speaking out is not just about taking pot shots at other drivers or blasting your crew. It’s also about providing honest opinions and thought-provoking input on critical issues in the sport. 

And some of NASCAR’s biggest stars are good at that. 

Some also are pretty good at firing zingers at other drivers, too. 

As Hamlin appeals his fine and fights the battle for free speech, we take a look at NASCAR’s most outspoken drivers. 


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