Some of the best of what drivers said on their teams radios during the race:

Matt Kenseth: “I guess it’s the camera cable?”

Crew chief Jason Ratcliff: “Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s that camera that runs down the frontstretch.”

Kenseth: “I remember having a conversation with the director about that about two years ago. It came apart at the corner. It’s everywhere. … I had a talk about what if that camera fell off and went through a car.”

Ratcliff: “It kind of makes you feel like you’re in wonderland, doesn’t it?”

Kyle Busch assessing damage from camera cable: “It’s pretty killed. The nose is split from the fender right at the front about 1 o’clock. The whole top of the right front fender where the metal is is soft all the way back because it is laid in on the tire and it’s got the right front crush panel all killed out of it and split down at the rocker.”

Dave Rogers: “We’ve got our work cut out for us. We’re going to do it. We’re going to show what we’re made of.”

Kyle Busch on whether to come into the pits with an engine issue: “There’s nothing to fix. It’s too broke. It shut off. It won’t even run. It’s (expletive) broke. It’s pointless.”

Jeff Gordon spotter Eddie D’Hondt: “Three-wide. Still three. Oh my goodness! Brake. … That was a hard hit, guys.”

Gordon crew chief Alan Gustafson: “Jeff you OK, bud?”

Gordon: “Yeah.”

Brad Keselowski spotter Joey Meier during wreck with Danica Patrick: “Three-wide. Three-wide, you’re up top. Danica. Let me know if you’re all right.”

Keselowski: “I’m all right. I didn’t know I was still three-wide, dude.”

Meier: “I never said you weren’t.”

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