Cm Punk Opening Segment / Booker - Cm Punk Segment

AR's Truth: An ok promo by punk that got his point over very well & made some good points. As far as booker t promo he kept messing up on his words which hurt it & then we get a video that makes it feel like they think there WWE Fans are stupid & in this day in age you would think we would know how to download an app. Come on WWE?

Ryback Def Antonio Cesaro
A decent match but with it being aired on WWE TV way too much ( Main Event) it was & is washed down. Decent 2.5* Match.

Jack Swagger Def Santino Marella
In the past i was never into Jacks look but i liked the way he wrestled. Now that he has a more edger/ intense look im ready to see where he can go. WWE is high on him & the new package look seems like the sky is the limit for ol Jack. A job match but got Swagger over. Job Match 1-5*

Alberto Del Rio Def Cody Rhodes
An decent match but you really can't take away from it to much because of how short it was. I don't like Team Road Scholars broken up but You can't job someone out like there doing to cody. He is way too talented to be jobbed out. Im not into ADR being a face & liked him better as a heel but it is a nice change. Big show little promo was actually really good. Decent 2-5*

Daniel Bryan Def Rey Mysterio
A good back & forth match with Bryan winning with the no lock. They gave them time & Bryan had most of the offense. The big news out of this match is Mark Henry returning which i like. When Henry wnet down with his injury he was on the top of his game & had a great feud with Big show & Daniel Bryan. He looks in good shape & glad to see him back. Good match 3-5*

Sheamus Def Kane
A decent match that got enough time & the finish makes sense with the storyline made earlier into the night. 2-5*

Miz Tv with Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman
Decent stuff by miz but felt repetitive with everything he said. Heyman was gold as usual then lesnar came out & did he's job laying out the miz but miz made himself looking tough because he kept coming back. They nailed it with lesnar.

Randy Orton Def Wade Barrett
A decent match but once again why do you job out your mid card champions?

Cm Punk Vs Chris Jericho
Easily the best match of the night & one of the best tv matches that wwe has gave us in a while.

Brad Maddox/ The Shield/ Brawl
A odd way to end the show but they needed to make that match for the ppv. The only problem i have with it is that they didn't have them challenging the shield on tv but rather you had to find out either by social media or wwe.com

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