First off i'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma but not at the show due to money reason & yes we are good o'l boys.

Dixie Carter & Sting Opening Segment:
I have been up & down on the Dixie heel turn but this was really bad for the first moments. Why in the world would you drop Stephanie McMahon's name on there. Your a heel Female who runs the company & pointing out that your copying WWE from the book. Back call there, She is a Hogan type by saying the same thing over & over (hunny) Once Sting got out there he calmed things down & she was back on track enough to save this segment. The Tulsa crowd is hot but more into chants then listing to the promo itself. 

Austin Aries defeated Jeff Hardy at 14:18.
Wow what a finish. The match saw aries get the majority if the offense with Hardy getting his second wind AKA a comeback. You thought it was over when he goes for the swantomb bomb but blocked. Aries hit a brain buster off the top that looked like he broke 
Hardy's neck. Sick spot that made aries look strong going into BFG. Watch the match starting down the stretch. Good but not great 3-5* Match. Looks like they are building the X division back up which i like with real star power & adding Joe is good with me. 

ODB apparently defeated Jesse by disqualification at 2:07. Tapa laying out ODB & looks to challenge her for the title.
Comedy in wrestling is good stupid nonsense comedy in wrestling is bad. Tapia coming in & destroying ODB good for business. Look for that match to be added to BFG as well. Any questions?

Bobby Roode's EGO Hall Of Fame with Kurt Angle Returning & challenging him to a match:
Awesome stuff from Kaz & Daniels with Roode just being himself. With Angle being back i just hope that is 100 sober. As far as the match goes it should be good but feels a bit thrown together. Angle was very intense here which is good. A guy that has been gone for a bit looks focused as hell. BFG is finally filling up the card & looks like a really good show. These 2 tapings are very important to the buy rate. 

Brooke Def. Velvet Sky to earned a spot in the Knockouts title match at Bound for Glory at 3:53.
Back to back week with the same match but this time they gave them time. I'm not a fan of the hole Sabin heel turn with being a totally dick to Velvet Sky but something to skip honestly for me. 

Magnus and Sting defeated Bad Influence at 10:59.
The stipulation gave the finish of the match away so no big surprise. I think sting is a good star for the company but every time he goes out for a match i tune out. Magnus is a guy i like who has a very good up rise if booked correctly. I still think sting has finally been put in the place of putting guys over now. An OK match that felt forced 2.5 - 5* Match.

AJ Styles defeated Knux and Garett Bsichoff at 4:47.
A quick match that only set up the beat down by the champion. Finally bully got some shots in on AJ & look for it to happen again next week. I still think AJ wins at BFG but they could swerve it where Dixie screws him out of the title. Aces & Eights is on life support. They need to be put out of their misery. I think the ref gets knocked out & they come in there to help AJ win the title. Good way to end the show with Ray looking strong as he should. 

The first hour was good but after the Hall of fame segment it went down hill real fast. The sting match wasn't appealing to me at all & the main segment didn't have a purpose until the beat down. This was a good start & good ending but that was it. Better than last week but if not the casual fan of TNA it didn't make you wanna buy the PPV. Lots to improve & usually coming out of a PPV their are new stories but i don't think so it will be in this case. Hope you enjoy it because you better get used to it. 

Overall Rating 6-10 show. Catch Hardy Vs. Aries & The Hall of Fame segment but the other stuff is skip able. 

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