Vacant WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton
If this match doesn't deliver then forget about the PPV in general. I expect 1 - 2 more matches out of these guys before the feud is over. How they get out of this is a Blubber finish (cheap win) HHH or The shield cost Daniel Bryan to have Orton some how barely win the title. Orton can carry it but at the end of the day the viper will strike on the opportunity of his Puppet master pulling the strings. Its all about the game, right? Expect Ref bump then interference.

Winner & New WWE champion: Orton

Cm Punk Vs. Ryback
I'm actually expecting a lot from this match but not on the part of Ryback. What a waste of Heyman's time but its whatever. Punk will have to carry him but can turn out to be a surprise great match. Don't look over this one to be a show steeler. I see Ryback winning with Detraction from either Axel or Heyman. They drag it out one more show just because they can. My second theory out of this is Cm Punk hits the GTS but Heyman gets Ryback DQ to drag it out again which is what they will probably do.

Winner by DQ: Cm Punk

World Title Hardcore Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs. RVD
For all of you RVD fans get ready because this could be the last time you see the hole F'ing show for awhile. RVD contract is set to expire or have him take a break. I think this is where they write him off for a bit. Del Rio has looked like a mad man for the past couple weeks & giving it into a hardcore match will set the injury angle right into place. Yes they will/ have hyped That this is RVD match but at the end of the day, Del Rio is there champion. Del Rio breaks RVD Arm to retain.

Winner & Still World Champion: Del Rio (c)

Cody Rhodes & Goldust Vs. The Shield - If Rhodes wins they get their job but if they lose they will never work in WWE again. 
A very interesting match that has some a predictable outcome in my book. The stipulation almost gives away the winners of the match. This is one of the top story lines in WWE right now & i think it will draw in some fans to order this PPV. Honestly this is the only match that actually means anything & isn't just another rematch. The Rhodes brothers gets beat down for most of the match but Goldust gets a hot tag to his younger brother for the comeback & win. 

Winners: Rhodes Brothers.

  • WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) Def. R-Truth
  • Divas Title Match: Brie Bella Def. AJ Lee (c)  
  • Pre Show Match: Damien Sandow Def. Dolp Ziggler 
If WWE expects a good Buy-rate from this PPV then they are out of their minds. How things have been built & the short time to build is not how to do business. Ill never understand why they have two PPV in the month of October. Expect the Main event to be good but it will have to save this show.

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