Hardcore World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs. Rob Van Damn
AR's Truth: A really good back & forth action hardcore match. The finish makes sense & they had some teasers in this one. it writes off RVD for the time being but it isn't confirmed yet if Sandow is injured or not. There was rumors that he might cash in but nothing confirmed. Whats next's for Del Rio? Will find out tomorrow. Go out of your way to see this one. good start with a good match 4-5* Match. 

Great Khali & Santino Marella Vs. The Real Americans
AR's Truth: A comedy match was just what i expected. The swing is awesome & i guess its a new finisher which is even better. Skip it 1.5-5* Match. 

Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) Vs. R Truth
AR's Truth: The match was ok & they did there best but i was bored so with the crowd. I don't think Truth was up to par with Axel & it felt like he was carrying Truth. Axel has felt a bit of a after thought with Ryback being the new heyman guy but the guy is still talented. One the Cm Punk feud is over i think he will continue what is a nice run with the secondary title. Decent but not much 2-5* Match. 

Rhodes Family Vs. The Shield
AR's Truth: the second really good match from the card. Everything you wanted you got out of this tag match. The good feeling finish made it right, yes it was predictable but still a good match. I like Goldust so maybe he hangs around for a bit or a feud with Cody. Time will tell. 4-5* Good match. 

Ryback Vs. CM Punk 

AR's Truth: Not the greatest but good as it stands. Punk out smarts the man who wrote the book no doubt. Honestly i zoned out with Ryback offense but Punk had to carry Ryback which isn't a surprise. Tensi on the annalist panel was very good. Back to the match itself a hell in a cell match to end all of this would make a lot of sense. Where or more less how they end this program will be decided as soon as tomorrow's raw. good but meet my expectations 3-5* Match. 

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton Vs. Daniel Bryan 
AR's Truth: Alright lets get into this creatively it makes sense for Big Show to go out there & Cost Orton the match (Agree?) It doesn't make sense that Big show KO's Bryan because if he doesn't care that he gets in trouble why would he KO Bryan as well? Maybe to get a new Referee but still he KO that one. Is this a PPV? Is it? First you have a power outage which is out of their control but why piss all over your fans with a Raw go home finish that had no winner. Big show thrown into a three way for the WWE title or Show Vs. Orton like seriously. Plus if you did do the three way then why would HHH reward Show to do that to his chosen champion. These cheap / no finishes are getting a bit out of hand don't you think. Let the freaking Negative comments begin & WWE can't be upset when you give your die hard fans this product. You have the most guy over sense Cena in 05 but most likely Stone Cold in 97-98 but you Sh*t all over him every single week. 

Overall Rating; The PPV was decent until the main event in my eyes. You had a hot start to the show & the Rhodes Family match was really good to almost make it a decent PPV with the hope / they did deliver in the main event match wise but the finish jut leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The under card was super weak with decent matches at best. Sorry WWE but this was a fail in my book. Bad booking leads to bad Product. 4-10* PPV Rating.

Thanks for reading along, We will have post PPV News & Review. Hope to see everyone for the post Battleground Monday Night Raw Tomorrow night starting at 7Pm CT.

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