WWE has put everything into having this PPV be a great one but can it live up to the expectations. This is a make or break PPV for WWE to not lose their PPV buyers.

WWE Hell in a Cell WWE Title Match:
Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (w/guest referee Shawn Michaels)

Triple H & Daniel Bryan makes me now believe that Orton might win Sunday. Yet on the other hand you have it look like Bryan gets his revenge & his right full title run. This is the way I have it. Shawn & Orton get into it with Orton laying out Shawn. This leads to Triple H bringing out another referee but hits a pedigree on Bryan & Orton covers him to win. This leads to a Vince McMahon return on Raw & hires Big Show back to take on Orton at Survivor Series for the title. Later in the night Bryan comes out & calls out Triple H but H turns it down. Over the weeks Bryan does things to make Triple accept his challenge at SS PPV. Orton barely walks out WWE champion. 

Winner & New WWE Champion: Randy Orton. 

World Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena

Oh yes the great return of John Cena. I have a couple ideas in mind but yet I don’t know how things will turn out. 1st option Cena beats ADR cleanly & they feud on for a couple months. 2nd Del Rio beats Cena & Damien Sandow comes out to cash in successfully. 3rd & my favorite, Cena beats ADR with the AA & Damien Sandow comes out to cash in & does it successfully. The reason I believe this is because it’s only a matter of time that Sandow cashes in. Another is where does Cena go from here. It gives them a program for all three guys to have & at SS PPV they have a Triple threat match for the world title. 

John Cena wins but Damien Sandow cashes in & wins world title. 

2-1 Handicap Hell In a Cell Match: CM Punk Vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman

Finally this feud goes to an end. Now in the beginning I was a fan of these but yet this feud has gotten to the point where you can’t talk about it anymore. Punk & Heyman have done an awesome job with building this feud to where it is now. This will be more of a Punk vs Ryback match that has them square off but Punk will go after Heyman but Ryback will make the save. Eventually Punk will hit the GTS to both guys for the win & finally nail in this coffin. Where Punk goes from here is anyone’s guess. 

Winner: CM Punk

Tag Team Triple Threat Title Match: Rhodes Brothers (c) Vs. The Shield Vs. The Usos

Even though I’m not fan of three way tag matches this should be the match of the night. No reason to the take the titles of the Rhode Brothers & no need to have the shield lose. Uso takes the fall but the bros retian the titles to go one feud with the hounds of justice. 

Winner & Still Tag Team Champions: Rhodes Brothers

Divas Title Match: AJ Lee (c) Vs. Brie Bella

A week ago I would say that Brie gets the win & Wrestling 101 says she does but they may swerve with Lee retaining. Most case situation is Brie wins just for Total Divas season finale. Yes were going there. 

Winner & Still Champion: AJ Lee

Pre-Show Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) Vs. Big E. Langston

This will be a forgettable match that has two guys try hard. Langston is supposed to go on to feud with Ryback so I think it will be a won & done match. Some cheap finish that has Axel retains but Langston looks strong at the end of the day. 

Winner & Still IC champion: Axel

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I’ll have a review of the PPV later that night. 

You’re Welcome!

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