WWE presented Hell in a Cell PPV last night which i thought should be a very good show. Now i'm not going to lie this will be a bit negative. 

The good of the PPV:

Main Event
First up is the main event which is one of the best Hell in a Cell matches I've seen in awhile. These guys did some in ring work but also used the cage a lot as well. If your a fan of these kind of "Gimmick" matches then watch this. I knew going into the PPV there would be a screw finish so i wasn't disappointed  Shawn costing Bryan the match was however a bit surprising to me. Now i know there is about 1% chance Shawn Michaels will return to the ring for a match against DB. So please throw that the hell out of this. Triple H caught a flying knee yes but the Super kick i thought was a bit much. Im sure the game will get what is coming to him but to have Shawn who is a non wrestler cost him... well good luck on that creative. It should be interesting to see where or more less who fights who in the coming weeks. Really good match 4.5 - 5* Match.

John Cena wins the world title
Yes it was a feel good moment i guess. Am i glad to see Del Rio  lose the title well Hell Yeah! Did i expect Damien Sandow to come down & cash in well i was hoping. It was a good match & one that saved the PPV no doubt but where do they go from here? A rematch is most likely but the way they could have pushed Sandow with the cash in over the great John Cena could have really sent his momentum to another level. Good match 4-5* Match.

In between of the PPV:

CM Punk defeating & getting his revenge on Paul Heyman
Heyman was raised to the top of the cage where he stayed all match up. No problem & i don't even have a problem with the post match beat down. I really hope this is the end for this feud but the match itself was a boring as it gets. Until the probably the last five minute with Punk;s come back & the table spot. All in all skip able. Down hill for Ryback. career.

The bad of the PPV:

I felt like i was watching Raw for the first hour & wasn't happy about it. The tag match was good but felt like a Raw main event even though it was good. The under card was rematches from Raw or Smackdown. If you for a PPV then you should get fresh matches that mean something. 

Overall the PPV was an up & down show that had some good in ring work but some that was more TV based than PPV.

PPV Rating: 6-10 * 

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