Kofi Kingston defeated Antonio Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter)
Ar's Truth: What a freaking match, This two had enough time to go out there & deliver. On paper this is a match that could be easily forgotten about but with no hype from Raw it was good. Cesaro & Kingston are in the same place where its the mid card / jobbing area. Cesaro needs to be repackaged & pushed back. The real Americans gimmick is not going anywhere. Also is just me but with Kingston wearing tights it seems like he is a Indy guy that is going to get jobbed every time. Since he came back he hasn't done anything which is a shame. Good match 4-5* match.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil beat Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal
Ar's Truth:  Leading in you knew what the match was going to be & it matched my expectations to the fullest. The match its self was what it was but the fact that 3MB was in the match gave all hope out the window. 3MB is such a joke that i can't take seriously anymore/ have been for awhile. The prime time players i like as a tag team & maybe they become a top babyface to challenge the shield one day. Decent but more importantly to predictable 2.5* match. 

Big E Langston defeated R-Truth.
Ar's Truth: Honestly this was just a filler match that had no meat & potatoes whatsoever. Truth used to mean something but now he is a nobody which is shame. Langston did his job very well & crushed him. Nothing bad but just a waste of time.

Overall Rating: This was a good match for one & the other two was a waste of your time. If WWE questions why they have rating problems they should look at this show for a example. Ill give it a 5-10 * Show rating. 

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