Who else hated this show? Well I am going to be very negative in this review. Heads up!

CM Punk Def. Luke Harper
AR’s Truth: A decent match that had some slow moments but not bad at all. I like this feud & the two top Indy guys from years ago is a cool set up. This feud will develop more into a good story. Decent 3-5* Match. 

Ryback Def. Great Khali
AR’s Truth: Thank god that was short but WTH kind of booking is this? I knew the Ryback character was going downhill but this is just bad. NA rating. 

Alberto Del Rio Def.  Kofi Kingston 
AR’s Truth: a good back & forth action match with a couple good falls. I feel’s that we have seen this match way to much & with Kingston not winning / more less in a winning feud. It never felt like Kingston was a threat. Good but predictable 3.5-5*

Randy Orton Def. Big. Langston
AR’s Truth: Good back & forth action with right man going over. Langston had a chance of a victory in the eyes of the fans (a threat of beating Orton) but a nice ending to the match. Good 3.5-5* Match.

6 Man Tag Match: John Cena & Rhode Brothers Def. Damien Sandow & Real Americans
AR’s Truth: I think the match on Samckdown was better as this had some slow moments in the middle but what a hell of a finish to the match. Everyone get involved, I think this should have been main event so they need to have a good ending to replace this. Good match 3.5-5*

Final Segment: Triple H alongside Stephanie call out the big show to the ring. They ask the big man what he wants? He says he wants, them to fly back home. HHH points out that he is broke but big show says he wants to be the best & being back in the WWE. Big Show says he wants his job back. Triple H says he can shove it up… Stephanie calms him down. She says that he can have his job back then he starts doing the Yes chant. He adds one more little thing, he wants a bonus. He wants to be the face of the WWE & Stephanie gets all mad. Delta… The shield comes to the ring. 

Back from a bad timing break, Big Show says that he deserve a WWE title match against Randy Orton. The game threatens him but Big Show says ok & walks away. He says he will be suing them have a good night. Triple H stops him, he says that he has his match at the PPV. He makes Triple H repeat that over & over. Big show wants to shake on it but Triple H wants him to compete against the shield & Randy Orton. 

All four men attack Big Show & Reigns spears the big man. They go for the triple powerbomb but he fights out. Big Show & Orton standoff but here comes Kane in a suit. HAHA sorry I thought I would never see this day. Off the distract they lay Big Show out. Orton hits the RKO then all of them hit him with chairs. 

Reigns hits him with steel steps then they triple powerbomb him through the announce table. All the men stand over Big Show to end the show. 

AR’s Truth: Big Show getting his job back predictable & him getting a WWE title match also predictable. I don’t mind this segment but I think it could have been better to have Vince McMahon return to give him back his job instead of “the Board”. The beat down felt old & way over used. I like the storyline even if they have major holes in the story telling. Big show has done an amazing job portraying what they want him to do. 

Overall Rating: The show dragged from about thirty minutes after it started. Felt like a throw away show that had filler, filler & if your still watching more filler. Most wrestling with not a lot of storytelling into it. Just felt like well creative has nothing except two big angles so let’s just book matches & matches that have no storyline link nor that anyone cares about. The comedy matches out the ass or rematches that we have already seen a few times. 

If you can’t tell yet I am not a fan of this show whatsoever. 

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