We get a recap of Payback PPV via a video package.

The New World heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio comes out to a lot of boos. He said they cheered Ziggler when he cashed in on a injured man but they boo win he beats Ziggler when Ziggler was injured. He talks about Feuding with Jack Swagger & they chanted USA instead of him. When he was in the middle of his promo CM Punk comes out. HE talks about how he beat him 2 years ago then was champion for 434 days. Punk says the reason he was out here because ADR says he is the best in the world & he looking at him. Heyman says his client doesn't fight for free but punk interrupts him & by saying that he proves he is the best in the world by beating Jericho last night. Punk challenges him to a match tonight. ADR says he doesn't have to fight him. Vickie Guerrero comes out & says it will be the Main event tonight.

AR's Truth: A good promo to put over himself as a heel & being the new world champion. Surprise to see punk but in noway have a problem with it. There match should be good & thank god its the main event. Not just in the middle of the show.

Before the match Vickie tells Wade that he will have to wait on his Rematch & face her surprise which is christian.

Christian Vs. Wade Barrett

They lock up, but Wade with right hands then catches Christian but Christian gets out of it then he sends him to the outside. Christian climbs the top rope & crossbody to the outside. Back in the ring but Christian goes to the top rope but is knocked down & a big kick to the ribs for a count of 2. Wade with a headlock but Christian gets out of it as he comes off the top rope with a drop kick. Christian with a right hands, a forearm to warm up. An elbow then off the top with a DDT for a count of 2. HE calls for the end & gets kicked for his troubles for a count of 2. Wade goes for wasteland but blocked & wade misses in the corner with the spear. A uses of the ropes then Christian goes for the Kill Switch for the win.

Winner: Christian

A new Wyatt Family video package.

AR's Truth: A decent but short match. Its nice to have him back with a good reaction from the crowd. he is a solid mid carder who bring some what star power back to the mid carders. 

Sheamus Vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Cody & Damien attack Sheamus but Sheamus fights them off then a hip toss on Cody. Cody with a spring board kick as they put the boots to him. They hit a double suplex for a count of 2. A snapnare take down with a boot, followed by a elbow of Sandow. They are in full control until slap him til he gets pissed off, He sends Cody to the outside. He nails a high knee followed by a senton, Clubbing shots on the apron to Cody. Sheamus suplex Sandow but cody comes off the ropes but is caught where Sheamus hits White noise. Sheamus calls for the end, He goes for the Probe kick but Sandow rolls him up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Team Rhodes Scholars

After the match he nails the probe kick on Cody.

AR's Truth: the match was what it was & the surprise finish was good. The problem i had with it was when Sheamus nailed Cody with the probe kick. IT took all the momentum Sandow & Cody had just went out the window. Watchable 1.5-5*

Backstage Segment with Vickie Guerrero & HHH about the main event. He nicked picked about every move she made.

No DQ Match: Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton

Alright here we go, DB works the left arm but Orton does the same thing. Some chain wrestling until DB works the left leg then puts in a surf board submission. He kicks Orton but Orton backs him up in a corner the stomps a mud hole into him. Orton with a suplex, a thez press but DB rolls through & locks in a half crab. Orton gets to the ropes & out of it. DB with several kicks but Orton racks the eyes of DB then sends him to the outside. Orton with a clothesline, He sends him back in the ring for a count of 2. Orton locks in a headlock but DB gets out of it. Orton in the corner with right hands for a 10 count. Orton sends him in the corner but here comes the energizer bunny & a drop kick in the corner. DB with another drop kick for a count of 2. DB sends Orton over the top rope & nails the Suicide dive but DB launches head first into the barricade. A kendo stick is apparently the new steel chair of WWE, Orton grabs one & hits DB in the back. Back in the ring where Orton gets a count of 2. Back from break, Both Guys down but DB with several kicks but missed the big kick & nails the scope slam. DB on the apron & Orton goes for the 2nd rope DDT but DB goes for the No Lock but Orton gets out of it with a launch to the ropes. The doctor checks on DB & the Doctor says no more. They brawl even more then a suplex on the Barricade as the Doctor checks on him & stops it.

Winner: Orton Via stoppage

After the match Orton hugs it out with DB.

AR's Truth: A really good match with a interesting stoppage. Obviously DB isn't hurt but a storyline. Wish they would end this feud with Bryan going onto the WWE Title picture. 4-5* Match

AJ Lee comes out & says she is the best Womens champion ever. She says there isn't a women like her. Stephanie McMahon comes out & says she needs to get her stuff together. AJ says instead of dating a superstar she should marry one. AJ says what she did to Kaitlyn was her career moment. Steph says she needs to act like one. She threatens her job. Kaitlyn with other Divas come out but Stephanie says don't every interrupt her again. Kaitlyn says she played her but now its her turn. Kaitlyn attacks AJ.

 Kane Vs. Dean Ambrose 

Kane gets the upper hand by just throwing right hands followed by a big boot. Ambrose comes back with a kick but Kane catches him & suplex him for a count of 2. Kane sends him into the corners for clothesline the a side walk slam for a count of 2. Kane goes to the top rope for a clothesline but here comes the rest of the shield. Kane goes for a double Choke slam but Reigns spears Kane. They triple powerbomb Kane.

Winner Via DQ: Kane

AR's Truth: An actual good angle with the Divas & with Stephanie was a little to much for me. Good stuff there. The Kane Vs. Ambrose match was just to set up what will Vickie do to the shield.

Backstage with Vickie & The Shield. Before Vickie says Your.. but Vince interrupts her & says they remind him.

Another great Wyatt Family Video package.

Zeb Colter comes out & talks about how bad our Government is. He says they are working with a new guy & he is Antonio Cesaro.

Antonio Cesaro VS. William Regal

Cesaro with a take down but a arm drag by Regal. Cesaro backs him into a corner then a uppercut. Cesaro nails a inside out slam for a count of 2. Cesaro kicks him while he is down. Regals comes back with right hands then a goes for a suplex but is back tossed. Cesaro locks in a headlock then a swinging headlock. He nails Regal with the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

AR'S Truth: A match the crowd that couldn't have cared about. Where there going with Cesaro i don't really know. A good wrestler but the Gimmick isn't matching up. With Colter it should help a lot.

John Cena comes out & talks to his fans that actually like him. He talks about 2012 & how bad it was. He thanks them for staying in there. Cena says he can take care of any challenge & in four weeks he will know who his next opponent. He says he will always be ready again'st who ever wins the MITB Bank. HE says its his time once again.

Mark Henry comes out with boots & puts them on the ramp. He goes to the ring & he says he has something to tell everyone. He says he was a veteran Guy when Cena was a rookie. He said that Cena would be the greatest WWE Champion ever. Henry said that he is Officially retiring from the active roster. Cena gave him the title & that was a awesome special. Henry picks up Cena & Worlds strongest slams him. The crowd chants Thank You. Wow he even cried like a baby.

AR's Truth: A very good segment that even i thought he was retiring but the WSS out of nowhere was awesome. He just sold some PPV buys. 

Chris Jericho Def Health Slater

Curtis Axel Vs. Sin Cara

Axel puts the boots to Cara, Axel with a back breaker then into a count of 2. Cara with a drop kick then another one to send him outside but runs into a clothesline. Axel in control, then a stepping slam for a count of 2. Axel goes for a suplex but a knockdown by Cara. Axel sends him into the corner but Cara kicks him then goes up top for a flipping senton but Axel puts up the knee's then Axel nails a DDT for the win.

Winner: Axel

AR's Truth: A watchable but short match. Miz was on commentary so it took away from the match. No one in the crowd gave a damn about this one.

Backstage segment with Vince & Stephanie McMahon asking how there going to control the show. Vince & HHH argue about making an example of the shield.

Cm Punk & Paul Heyman talk in the back but Heyman says Punk is the best in the world.

CM Punk Vs. Alberto Del Rio

Punk goes right at ADR with right hands but ADR runs out of the ring. Punk starts up the kicks but he runs out again but here comes Punk. Punk gets him back in the ring but ADR puts the boots to him. A quick series of offense by punk but when he goes for the GTS ADR gets out of the ring. Punk hits a suicide dive to the outside. Ricardo distracts Punk allowing ADR to kick him off the apron. Back from break with Punk catches ADR with a kick but ADR lands a Suplex for a count of 2. ADR with a kick to the head for a count of 2. ADR goes to the top rope but Punk slaps him in the ribs. Punk catches him with a heel kick then some knee's but ADR does a knee breaker on the arm of punk. ADR with forearm shots to the back of Punk then a knee breaker to the arm of punk. ADR is in control, He calls for the Arm bar but its blocked then Punk catches him with the knee then a GTS but ADR falls to the outside of the ring. ADR & Ricardo are on the ramp but Dolp Ziggler comes out to attack ADR. Brock Lesnar comes out & lesnar grabs a microphone but then F5 punk.

Winner by count out: Cm Punk

AR's Truth: A solid match but the ending of the show was golden. Punk Vs. Lesnar at MITB PPV. A awesome raw that had us entertained the entire three hours. This is how it will be. Will it stay like that its only a matter of time. Overall rating: 8.5-10.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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