Go home version of Raw before summerslam should be good but lets get in the meat & potatoes of the show:

Wade Barrett Defeats Daniel Bryan With Special Guest Referee Brad Maddox

AR's Truth: A good match that had plenty of time. The finish makes no sense because Bryan should continue his momentum but the finish (roll up) is because "The System" is trying to screw him over. Either way Bryan is red hot & this lost won't effect him but giving Barrett a win is always good. Good 3.5 *

Randy Orton Defeats Damien Sandow

AR's Truth: That was a decent match that saw Sandow get the right time of offense & the distraction by Rhodes doesn't cost him at all. Orton with a win & more building up Rhodes. I see Sandow winning this Sunday but that is for a later time. decent 2-5* 

 Great Khail & Natalya Defeats Big E. Langston & AJ Lee  

Ar's Truth: yes it was a botched finish. It was a very short match with a really bad finish. Vince is gonna chew him out. NA rating.

MR. McMahon comes to the ring & talks about Bryan Vs. Barrett match, He brings out Brad Maddox & He ask Maddox why he put himself as the referee in the match. Maddox says he needed to control the match & said he was excited as a reason for the fast count. Brad asked for a second chance & he wants to be Referee for the WWE Title match. Vince ask him common sense questions then says He will be the referee but HHH comes to the ring. HHH says there is a lot riding on the WWE Title Match & he agree's that someone needs to be straight forward as referee but its not Maddox but more likely him. He pedigree's Maddox then Vince walks out.

AR's Truth: An okay segment with the continuing the feud between the McMahon's. HHH as referee is OK but gets him in the ring. I don't think that the WWE title match needs a special referee but its not a bad thing either. 

Kane Defeats Titus O'Neil, after the match The Wyatt Family comes out but when they go attack him Kane is on the stage & has the fire come out the ring post.

AR's Truth: has anyone thought why is it that Bray blows out the fire but when he walks out its lit then he blows it out again. That would just seem stupid? just a thought. The match its self was a squash but gives Kane some build which he needs. Still think Bray goes over Sunday. Squash match 1-5*

The Bella Twins have a interview segment about Natalya slapping Brie in the face, Natalya Vs. Brie at Summerslam.

Alberto Del Rio Defeats Kofi Kingston 

AR's Truth: A good back & forth action match with the right person going over. Having Kofi job out makes no sense. He could challenge for the U.S Title. There is other guys they could have Del Rio squash. Makes no sense not to use that kind of talent. Good 3-5* Match.

The Uso's Defeats The Real Americans

AR's Truth: A decent match that have two teams in the same no direction feel with them just filling up time. The Uso's are a team that needs to be built up more. 2.5-5 * Match.

Miz TV with John Cena & Daniel Bryan segment. Cena & Bryan have attitudes in their promo's. HHH comes out to break it up as Orton comes out to remind him he can cash in. 

AR's Truth: A awesome segment with us finally getting down to brass tax. An amazing Promo from Cena who shoots on us (Fans) but more importantly explains why he is a face. Bryan explaining why Cena isn't a wrestler makes sense. Orton standing tall just to remind us who he is & what he could do Sunday. 

RVD Wins #1 Contender for the U.S Title Battle Royal, The shield comes down but The Big Show returns to make the save. 

AR's Truth: The battle royal went two segments which was different but the final four was spoiled with the graphic promoting it which was already predictable RVD winning makes a possible really good match with Ambrose on the pre show. They should get enough time to make it worth wild. Big Show returning wasn't a surprise if you read the site spoilers. Honestly usually i'm not a big fan of the big show but after tonight's show i'm excited because they need him in the middle of raw to carry over. His absent makes a difference with a new look. Will see how long this heel runs but i see it not lasting for long. 3-5* Match Rating

Final Segment: Heyman gets on the microphone & says WWE Fans took Punk from him but tonight he will do the same to them, He said Brock Lesnar helped him with his plan. Lesnar comes out as Heyman continues. They show a video package of Lesnar destroying Punk. Heyman makes the match 2-1 & gives Punk a options. Punk comes in the ring & hits Lesnar with a camera then follows it up with a suicide dive onto Lesnar. Punk hits him with the steel chair, Punk goes after Heyman but Curtis Axel comes to his rescue but is laid out by punk with the GTS on the stage to end Raw.

AR's Truth: A very good ending to raw, Luckly we didn't have to sit through Punk beating down Heyman just to have Lesnar come make the save. Lesnar took a bad shot with the camera but if it was done correctly well done. It made sense that Axel came out to help Heyman but with Heyman getting away will make it that much sweeter when Punk gets his hands on Heyman this Sunday. 

Overall Rating: This show dragged for me in the 2nd hour. Usually i can over look the fact that most of this is filler just to waste time but it showed tonight. WWE has done a pretty good job building the Summerslam card & the two top feuds (WWE Title Match & Punk Vs. Lesnar) have felt huge which SS needs. The under card is pretty good & i expect them to add one or two matches on Smackdown. This felt like it was a go home show that put the icing on the cake but the filler matches watered it down. Rating is a 6-10*.

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