Raw started off with HHH announcing he would be striping Bryan Off the WWE Title. Neither Orton or Bryan would be Champion until a rematch would be announced. 
AR's Truth: A good strong promo with the question is are they going to make the the title match tonight or at Battle Ground PPV in three weeks? Time will tell but more likely in three weeks. It makes sense to just get the money from PPV. Bryan was way over there & Scott did a nice job of acting so dumb which he did well. Orton coming out to make his mark & RKO Bryan just to get his point a crossed. Good opening. 

Dolp Ziggler Def Dean Ambrose
AR's Truth:  A much better match than last night from these two. Ziggler getting the win makes him a creditably Challenger for the title but please stop giving this match on free TV. Ziggler is bigger than a mid card title but at the time he does well. The start & end of the match was good but the middle dragged for me. Hot crowd still , Good 3.5-5* Match.

Fandango Def R Truth 
AR's Truth: A ok match with Fandango actually getting a win which is surprise. Truth hasn't been built up in awhile so its hard to take him serious. I can't stand Fandango gimmick so it was a match i was into. Ok 2.5-5* Match. 

Dusty Rhodes comes out & he talks about the love of your children. He talks about Cody losing his job, he calls out Stephanie & she comes to the ring. She says that Cody's firing was weighing on them & she gives him card for Bath & Beyond. She explains that she is the daughter of a genius, so getting to the chase & getting him his job back. Either he can choose either Cody or Goldust to have a job. He says he won't make that decision & she cuts him, She downgrades Goldust & says Cody is younger. He goes off on their family but She keeps cutting him off & tells him to make a choice but he tells her to go to Hell. The Shield comes through the crowd & down to the ring but before they attack she calls out the Big Show to help. She says he can either be beat down by the shield or KO by Big Show. She tells him to KO Dusty & he tries to defend Dusty against the shield after Stephanie tells them too. Show KO Dusty & he drops.

AR's Truth: Brilliant segment but Stephanie tried to control it when reality she should have let the legend run the promo. He know's what he is doing which made it rough she trying to cut him off. Show KO Dusty wasn't a shocker & overall gives Show more Ammo Against the McMahon's. 

Rob Van Damn Def Damien Sandow 
AR's Truth: A very fast pace matches that felt rushed but in the other way they got right to the point. Not bad but didn't have to much story telling in this one. Sandow is going to cash in sooner or later. Ok but not enough time 3-5* match. 

Randy Orton Vs. The Miz go to a now contest
AR's Truth: Ok so you expected that but i thought they would give them more time than that. I actually liked the way they went instead, Showing the Viper instincts that he once was & could be again. Orton is so good at playing that Sick twisted person & they finally got him back to it. As far as the Miz i'm not a fan. Does that sum it up enough?

Paul Heyman comes out with Ryback & Heyman talks about The match with Punk last night. Ryback says he won't every have to worry about Punk hurting him again.

AR's Truth: Good promo from Heyman & Actually Ryback. The beautiful man thing ok? its a promo but the Kiss on the cheek was too much for me. WTF? But With Heyman being his mouth piece will see how far Ryback can go but it just feels like a guy trying to be Goldberg, Steve Austin with the vest & Brock Lesnar all in one. 

#1 One Contender 3 Tag Team Match: The Usos Def Tons Of Funk & The Real Americans
AR's Truth: Once the comedy team got out of the match & thank god early it was a hell of a match. These two teams have awesome chemistry which makes for a hell of a match. Good down the stretch match 4-5* Match.

Daniel Bryan Def Roman Reigns Via DQ
AR's Truth: A very good long main event with a good effort of back & forth action between the two. Orton getting involved was very predicable but im glad they changed something up with the locker room coming out to make the save. HHH won't be to happy with that but will they have another walk out like a couple of years ago? Okay probably not but it will be interesting to see how this goes. 

Overall Rating: This Raw flew by with the help of A very hot crowd & quick matches with alot of promo time which is my cup of Pepsi for sure. The story telling was good & it was interesting to see them hold off with Cm Punk not even appearing on the show. A 7-10 Show rating & Much better than Night Of Champions PPV was. 

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