Opening Segment: Stephanie McMahon opens raw & cuts a promo about Daniel Bryan's corporate Makeover. She shows a video of Bryan makeover with him lifting weights & getting a facial. He eats steak & gets a suit. She brings out the new Daniel Bryan. She leaves & He ask the crowd how they like it. He says its strange then he thanks Stephanie but its funny that the company actually wants. They want a jacked up, cargo shorts with a bright yellow t shirt that sells the crowd nothing they want... John Cena.  He respect Cena for picking him as the challenger but he thinks Bryan can't beat him. He downgrades himself because he is a wrestler. Oh snap, He shoots on Cena by saying Cena been here in the WWE & Bryan is in the dirty buildings as a wrestler. He says if Cena gets fired he can go back to his mansion but if Bryan gets fired then he will go back to the Indy scene. He says he will dress up & do what they want for now because at Summerslam he will do & he will TAP OUT! Vince McMahon comes out & says there is a difference between him & WWE. He makes fun of Bryan dressed up. He says he doesn't want Bryan to be Champion even less then Cena. Vince says he is warming up to the idea as champion because he is a dwarf. He wants him to shave off the beard. They bring down the barber chair & he says no. Someone who is well kept & they bring down Wade Barrett?. He headbutts Wade & shaves Barrett's side of his beard then tosses him over the barricade. Bryan says he won't change, he is gonna be who has always been & be WWE Champion.
AR's Truth:  First off a very good promo by Bryan but i never bought that he would change his look or shave the beard. Once again & actually back to back weeks Vince looked like he had no clue where his promo was going nor did we. When Barrett came out was a bit weird but maybe a match between them later for tonight? Oh yeah im  so buying the Beard Shirt. 

RVD Defeats Alberto Del Rio 
AR's Truth: Good match with how short the match was. not a fan of the Champion losing but The beat down on Ricardo was out of nowhere & sudden. Where he will go from here is anybody's guess.   3-5* Match

Cody Rhodes is in the ring & says he has a gift for Damien Sandow. We get a recap video of Rhodes ending the Briefcase in the river & the past 2 weeks incidents. He has the briefcase which is all river destroyed. Sandow comes out & Rhodes leaves the ring then they start brawling but sends Sandow out of the ring.
AR's Truth:  A short but funny segment, im just glad there doing something with these two. 

Mark Henry Defeats Ryback Via Count out
AR's Truth: Okay? Whats the point of a one minute match? NA Rating*.

John Cena comes out & talks about his match with Daniel Bryan at Summerslam. He says he won't change for anyone & will always be him. He says Bryan is more comfortable in a gymnasium. He shoots on him like he is in 2003 again. He says he loves the WWE & says that Bryan thinks he can't wrestle. He held the title 11 times & fought the best 11 times. They chant boring & he says when Bryan loses he will have to admit that he isn't that good. He ends with champ is here. Randy Orton comes out & says that Cena is a where that is the target but who is targeting him.  Orton says when he cashes in he will be WWE champion & he says the champ is here pointing to himself. The Shield comes out Daniel Bryan comes out to help out but a big standoff until Brad Madox makes a 6 man tag match for the main event.
AR's Truth: A pretty good promo by cena that was straight forward & to the point. Almost reminded me of a 2003 Cena promo. Why can't he do that? think about it honestly wouldn't you like him if he was more serious about his job & not acting like he is on Disney channel. Orton coming out made Sense & poked at Cena then made him paranoid about Summerslam. The main event set up felt big & nice addition.

Wyatt Family Defeats Tons Of Funk in 5 then Inferno Match made For Summerslam by Kane Vs. Bray Wyatt
AR's Truth: Short to the point but a good example how the Wyatt Family works & to a usually NXT fan its awesome. Good promo as always by Bray. Kane's promo was actually good & the inferno match is intriguing. 

Christian Defeats Heath Slater
AR's Truth:  Nothing like a warm up match. 3MB never had a chance & to build up the challenger here i had no problem with it. Christian being in the world title picture is nice for a change. 2-5* Match

CM Punk Vs. Curtis Axel to a no contest then Brock Lesnar Takes out Cm Punk in a violent fashion
AR's Truth:  What a segment. The match itself was actually good. Alot of back & forth action between then lead to ofcourse the Punk & Heyman interaction which lead to Brock Lesnar! He beat the hell out of punk which was good & made you believe Punk won't beat Lesnar. I think Punk will at SS but time will tell. Heyman VS. Punk next week is interesting. Hopefully they will live it to the final segment & have Lesnar come out to lay him out.

Kofi Kingston Defeats Fandango 
AR's Truth:  Fandango lost wow. Well it doesn't hurt his character at all & it was nice to see Kofi back. 2.5-5* Match

Big E. Langston Defeats Dolp Ziggler
AR's Truth: It was what it was but with the Divas getting involved & the match just continuing felt a bit confusing & odd. Even Micheal Cole Mentioned it. Stop giving this match for free & make it official at summerslam. Might go one step further with a mix tag at Summerslam. 

Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan Defeats The Shield
After the match Randy RKO Daniel Bryan & John Cena. Orton was about to Cash in the Briefcase but the Shield came back out for more & Orton walked to the back. Heel Turn. Shield stands strong to end the show.

AR's Truth: Yes finally we get the Orton heel turn & this was a perfect time. Orton is a really good dude in real life but as a Wrestling character he needs to be heel. The match was ok but him almost cashing in im glad he didn't. I don't want a three way at summerslam so glad the Shield came back out for more destruction.

Overall Rating: A very good show from top to bottom. Looks like WWE is taking SS season serious this year & im loving it. 8-10 Show * Rating.

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