Opening Segment With Cm Punk That turns into a match with Ryback
From both Maddox & Punk there was a lot of Messing up their lines which felt forced. Punk was decent there but how much more can you say after what a month & half feud. The Match up is interesting.

Cm Punk Def Big E. Langston
A good back & forth match. Punk needed the win but its also good to see Langston back in the mix. I feel they will have something big for Langston in the near future. He is too good of a talent to be wasted. A Decent with just right amount of time 2.5-5* Match. 

Kofi Kingston Def Fandango 
Actually a good match with limited time. On TV i prefer shorter matches just so they can get to the meat of the meal instead of us wasting time on the potatoes. If you get my message. Two guys we have seen matches from & not really knowing where there going. Good 3-5* Match. 

Los Matadores Def. 3MB
The first i saw them i thought it was another comedy group. I would rather see them just be Primo & epico but they have no chance of making it big. Wow waste of talent. By the way how much of debut when you beat 3MB. 

Rhodes Family Segment with Triple H & Stephanie
Once again a very good segment & everyone is good here but i feel like Stephanie doesn't know here place when Dusty is on the Mic. He is a legend & if she thinks she is better or knows more then she is dead wrong. The stipulation makes sense but yet still very predictable. 

R Truth Def. Curtis Axel 
A short to the point match that Truth actually gets a win, Punk's music hitting was a smart move that makes Axel not look as bad in defeat. The Match between Punk & Ryback i don't have high hopes but one could dream. Axel once he gets out of this feud needs a good challenger to make a good program. 2-5*short match.

Alberto Del Rio Def. Zack Ryder
Poor Ryder but hey he got on raw for a match. I think it would have served more if Del Rio would have beaten him in a minute but that's just me. Del Rio is doing a ok job holding the title just feels a bit stale. Job 1.5-5* Match. 

Paul Heyman Ask Ryback to be a "Heyman Guy" but Cm Punk attacks
A weird segment that had it going one way but ended up being another. Heyman is pure gold on the mic. When Punk acted injured i bought it with everyone else but that was a very good segment. 

Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton Face off with it ending with Orton RKO Bryan through a table
An ending that of course got Brie involved which honestly i could careless if she is or not. Bryan getting beat down every single week is getting a bit old but i do like they have put the focus of Orton as the viper once again. It fits him so well. A lot of people are complaining about this show but i actually enjoyed it. Short TV matches is what i like with a lot of promo time is just up my alley.

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