Triple H & Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring. They make the first match of the night. Big Show comes on the big screen & says that he suing The WWE for millions for the left money on his contract. They tell each other to shut up & they turn the big screen off. Triple H makes the following match.

ARs’ Truth: An OK finish but it is going to happen sooner or later that Big Show Vs. HHH is official. I say at Survivor Series but only matter of time. Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that Triple H Vs. Big Show is the main feud instead of Bryan Vs. Orton. 

Dean Ambrose Def. Daniel Bryan

AR’s Truth: A very good match with a slow start that kept repeating itself was a bit annoying but down the stretch was good. A very technical match that didn't meet my expectations but with the PPV in less than a week I can understand they didn't go all out. Smart guys last longest. Good 3-5* Match.

CM Punk comes out with a microphone yes a microphone. He says that the Hell in a Cell defines a legacy & he will make Ryback pay. He adds that Heyman thinks that Ryback can save Paul Heyman & he is wrong. CM Punk says that that this will not be a wrestling match but rather to put Ryback to sleep & smash Paul Heymans face into the steel over & over. CM Punk says that the best in the world will walk out of the cage with revenge.

AR’s Truth: Punk’s promo gave a good promo but I feel like it is said over & over. I can’t wait for this feud to be over with & I felt it should have ended three weeks ago. This is lucky the final match for this feud at HIAC PPV. It will be interesting to see what Punk’s Program is next though.  

Santino Marella (Dressed as Elvis) Def.  Health Slater

AR’s Truth: A Comedy match no doubt. I don’t mind it if it doesn't over stays its welcome but I can only take one of these matches on a show. 1.5-5* Match.

Randy Orton Def.Dolph Ziggler

AR’s Truth: A really good match which is what I expected. Too bad Ziggler is on a losing streak & for some reason being jobbed out. Waste of talent but I think they don’t know where to go with him right now. It’s a wait & see for Ziggie. Good match 3.5-5*

Bella Twins Def. AJ Lee & Tamina

Wyatt Family Def. The Miz & Kofi Kingston

AR’s Truth: a very simple match that had the feud with Miz continues. Bray is simply Golding on the mic & showed it once again. Decent tag match 2-5*

Big E. Langston & Cm Punk Def. Curtis Axel & Ryback

ARs’ Truth: A good tag match that had a lot of back & forth action. Langston vs. Ryback should be an interesting feud to say the least. Good but not great 3-5* Match.

The Real American Def. Tons Of Funk

ARs’ Truth: The match was what it was. The whip was a nice touch from Zeb though. Watchable but yet forgettable 2-5* Match.

The Shield Vs. The Uso’s With Tag Champions On Commentary. Match ends in a no contest.

AR’s Truth: Match of the night by a long shot. With so many tag matches tonight this one took it with a different story telling mode & the finish makes sense. Most likely they will make it a three at HIAC PPV. Really good match that you should check out 4-5* Match.

Contract Signing time, (Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan & Shawn Michaels with The McMahon's  are out there. Randy says that after this Sunday’s beating he gives him that Bryan will not be getting up. He gives his track record of his Hell in a Cell matches. He says that this match will be Bryan’s last & signs. Daniel Bryan says he will win the title this Sunday & signs. Triple H says list guys that those guys were popular & were the face of the WWE then they would be working for ted turner. Daniel Bryan calls out Triple for a match but Triple H says he is out of his mind. Triple H says if he got back in the ring it would be a star. Triple H says that Daniel Bryan isn't a star. Triple H says that Shawn should have never wasted his time on Bryan. Shawn sticks up for Bryan & says that he is very good. Shawn asked what happened to Triple H? Shawn says that he will give the fans what they want but Randy says Shawn is against him. Triple H fires back with Shawn will do what’s right. Shawn asks Triple H is the reason he is so against Bryan that the face that Bryan provide him wrong. Orton says he will take Bryan to hell & they square off. A semi-truck with big show drives it next to the stage. He gets out pointing up saying yes & Bryan hits a flying knee to lay out Orton. He goes to the stage & gets in the truck to end raw.

AR’s Truth: Good promo’s by all the guys. All giving good expectations. That folks is a good one but the tease between Triple H & Daniel Bryan makes me now believe that Orton might win Sunday. They have to do big things with this PPV.

Overall Rating: A very heavy wrestling show with a lot of tag team matches. Different which is always a good thing for business. A really fun show that went by in a flash. WWE needs more of these shows where there enjoyable to watch & not watching the clock for the end. A good go home show. I will have a preview later this week & live coverage of HIAC PPV this Sunday. Following that I will have my thoughts on it. After all that will be back here one week from tonight with more coverage & a review. Check back often to all the sites for the latest news. 

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