Welcome to my first addition of WWE NXT Review, So I’m going to be honest & let’s get the stone cold truth out of this.

Corey Graves does a backstage interview only to be attacked by Conor O’Brian & Rick Victor.
AR’s Truth: Corey was just getting into his promo & it looks they are setting this feud up with Victor & Graves. Victor having Conor O’Brian has his enforcer is good for a character stand point. Will see what O’Brian can do as that but looks good in his tryout.

Tyler Breeze defeated CJ Parker
AR’s Truth: A match that never really got going for me. The action was what it was. Not the best way to open the show but got the ball rolling. Decent 2-5* Match.

Emma defeated Summer Rae
AR’s Truth: As far as the match goes it was a very technical/ Submission heavy contest. Rae shows that she can hold her own but not a break out Diva. Emma has all the quality’s to be on the main roster in the future. Also Don’t be surprised to see a Fandango & Rae Mixed tag match in the future as there clearly building Rae than more than just a Dancer. Another Decent 2-5* Match.

Scott Dawson defeated Enzo Amore
AR’s Truth: A comedy match for the ages, Ok maybe not that far but it was what it was. What I really like with this episode is there not only giving these guys time In the ring but also microphone time. Which is a must to have both of these tools. Enzo is very over with the crowd which is a good thing for him. Watchable Comedy Match 1-5*

Adrian Neville defeated Conor O’Brian
AR’s Truth: A good back & forth action match. With the right guy getting over in Neville. Surprised that they have O’Brian lose clean like that.
Overall A Decent edition of NXT, Obviously after last week its hard to match that main event.

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