Our new World Champion John Cena comes to the ring. He says that he is used to getting booed & says he is back. Cena says some people are happy & some are not with him being world champion. Cena wants to thank JBL, because JBL doubted him coming back to early. Cena says the new world heavyweight champ is here! He says he is back for a long time & he knows that he is back on Smackdown as the champion. He says that he has to take care of his elbow but he is ready to go. Cena talks about Randy Orton new celebration so he will stop talking. He says Del Rio will want a rematch & he will be ready. The champ is here! 

Damien Sandow comes out, he says the UN crowned champ is here. Sandow says that he is not fooling him. He says that it is impossible to have the kind of injury can heal. He says the real reason cena is saying that is because Cena is afraid he will cash in on Cena. Sandow says he can cash in anytime & says right now but yet again... just not tonight. Cena pushes him & Sandow hits him several times with the briefcase. He uses the ring post on the elbow then sends him elbow first into the barricade. HE finishes the attack driving him into the steel steps. He has Cena arm on the bottom steel steps & hits it with a steel chair. He calls it in & this is it! They go into commercial. 

AR’s Truth: People are saying well that was a thug John Cena. It threw in some different words but was that guy we all love in 2004 – 2005 where he was more aggressive  People Cena got hurt I was actually starting to get back as a fan. I think when people say we want him heel, in reality we want a no nonsense guy. This is what we got here which I like. Good start to raw. 

John Cena def. Damien Sandow to retain the World Heavyweight Title 

AR’s Truth: to be honest I don’t know how to feel about the champion retaining but at the end of the day we finally know where they have Sandow in their corporate status. The potential was there but at the end of the day no sir. Cena goes on to feud with Del Rio at SS PPV. Good match though 4-5* Match. 

The Shield Def. The Uso’s & Big E. Langston 
AR’s truth: A shorter edition but you got all the good stuff out of the 6 man tags. A really good ending sequences & Reigns spear is just cool. Looks like Langston & Ambrose feud on. Does this mean Shield & Uso feud as well? Good match 3-5* Match.

Shawn Michaels comes out & says he wants to tell to Daniel Bryan’s face why he did what he did. So DB comes to the ring & Shawn starts talking. Shawn says he did not intend for that to happen but all hell broke loose. When he did what he did to Triple H it made him do it. When everyone left him (Shawn) at his worst moments he was there. Shawn asks Bryan accept his apology & shake his hand. Bryan says no, Shawn says that he taught him but Bryan got so farther than he thought. Shawn says tht it was finally lesson & in the WWE you don’t trust anyone. Shawn asks him again to just shake his hand for respect but Bryan still says no. Shawn calls him a puke then says that he stuck up for him for months. He says that he has always been an A+ talent so by god shake his damn hand. Daniel locks in the yes lock & WWE Officials break it up. 
AR’s Truth: A really good old school heel ish promo by Shawn. I know he won’t return to the ring nor would I want him to but it would be cool to see him stick around as a heel authority figure on raw. I get Bryan getting his revenge but after this where do they go? Usually a match but not the case here. I am interested to see that.

Daniel Bryan is about to do a backstage interview until the Wyatt Family attacks him. They send him hard into a ladder. Bray said the devil made me do it & hit Sister Abigail on the steel. He rammed a big production box into Bryan’s head. 

Ar’s truth: Bryan & Wyatt Family feud? Interesting to say the least. Anyone else think Kane is working / in lines with Bray Wyatt? Think about it “the devil made me do it” KANE 

Kane Def. The Miz
After the match, He calls out Stephanie McMahon to the ring. She says on the stage. Kane says that she has ruined lives with her authority. Kane says it is whats best for business & he says the monster is hers to unleashed. He takes off the mask & hands it to her. Wow.

Ar’s Truth: The match I like cause im not a fan of the Miz. Kane aligning himself with Stephanie fine. Taking the mask off? What the hell. Is it 2002 again? Maybe they reinvent Kane’s character.

CM Punk Vs. Ryback in a Street Fight
After the match the Wyatt Family comes out. They attack him then Bray lays him out with the sister Abigail. 

AR’s Truth: the match was decent at best but a short match. Hopefully that was the end. I can’t say Punk Vs. Wyatt is the next program just because their history from tonight but that would be a good one. Follow the buzzards… WWE locker room. 

You’re Welcome!

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