Naomi defeated Alicia Fox
The match was very sloppy match so don’t blame the crowd for this one. Not much for them to get excited about. Good to have these women wrestle to get more experience but at the end of the day its this simple. Fox is a African American women who is lucky to have a job. Not the best in the ring & never gets a chance to talk. Naomi is tucked away in a tag team as of late if not there she dances. Keep her where she has someone to rely on & she is okay. 

Zack Ryder defeated Jinder Mahal
The crowd came alive to only boo 3MB joke of a group. Two comedy superstars that WWE doesn't give us a reason to care about. Ryder is always gets a pop & its nice to see him get a win. At the end of the day anyone you put against 3MB should win. Its sad they put guys like Slater & McIntyre in a group that has no upside/ waste all of our time. 

Overall this is just a superstars taping that has no meaning. Usually they have good wrestling but this is just a skip able show. 

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