WWE Title Last Man Standing Match: John Cena (c) Def Ryback
AR's Truth: Ryback got the advantage but if you really think that WWE is going to take the belt off there boy a month after he won the title then your crazy. Ryback got the push but fell flat. 

#1 Contender’s I QUIT Match: Alberto Del Rio Def Jack Swagger
AR's Truth: Dolp is a heel champion, why have a Heel vs. Heel match when you could have a Face Vs. Heel match. WWE is really behind ADR & he gets the W.

Steel Cage Match: Brock Lesnar Def HHH
AR's Truth: HHH has been pushed to the moon in this feud. Yes he got the win at wrestlemania 29 but at the end of the day WWE has to make money off lesnar down the road for future feuds. Lesnar with the help of Heyman gets it done but by a hair.

US Title Match: Dean Ambrose Def Kofi Kingston © 
AR's Truth: Kofi Is the holder for the title for now & its made for Dean. Will he get it here i hope. The shield needs to own the mid card titles for now. 

Tag Team Title Tornado Match: The Shield (Rollins and Reigns) Def Team Hell No © 
AR's Truth: The shield is the future & Team hell no has had the straps for awhile. Maybe they win here but i would like to see it. This will be a great match & one im really looking forward too.

Strap Match: Sheamus Def Mark Henry 
AR's Truth: Once again a revenge match that Sheamus will get. Any questions?

Extreme Rules Match: Randy Orton Def The Big Show 
AR's Truth: Show as got the upperhand on most of the encounters. It doesn't make sense to have Orton lose & needs a kick in the ass for a push. It seems like he is just so out of balance. 

Fandango Def Chris Jericho AR's Truth: Jericho has gotten the latest push & wants his revenge. Fandango needs more here as he is the future of the company & is here on a full time schedule. 

YouTube Pre-Show: The Miz Def Cody Rhodes
AR's Truth: They need a quick start & giving the audience something to be excited about. This makes it start off right. 

This PPV has the possibility of having a really good night & some good title changes. Will WWE do that? who knows

We will have live coverage of the ppv tonight at 6:30CT right here on the site. See yall then.

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