WWE Title Match: The Rock (C) vs. John Cena
No you’re not seeing double for this main event. Yes it is a rematch but the match they had last year was Good. Some people don’t want to see this again & I get it but I don’t mind it. A decent build that has The rock with the momentum. Everything points to cena winning it. The rock is advertised for extreme rules so they might have a rematch there. I see Cena winning for a couple reason why. 1: House shows need a solid main event with the WWE Title on the line. 2: Cena is always had events & Rock is a movie star. Just so you know I am a huge rock mark. It all makes sense to see cena get his revenge & win the title. 

Winner & New WWE Champion: John Cena

World Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger has had the advantage & been a decent heel but with Zeb Colter in his corner he has been good. The build has been what it is with the hole racial conflict & the problems with this country. Yeah Yeah whatever you say Zeb. Honestly in a perfect world we would see Dolp Ziggler cash in but he is going for the tag team titles so count him out. Maybe Ricardo will get involved which is very likely. Del Rio gets his revenge on Swagger With the arm bar.

Winner & Still World Champion: Del Rio ©

The Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk
A match that we haven’t seen since 2009 which was a hell in a cell when punk was world heavyweight champion. Punk did beat the dead man. Cm Punk got the advantage for the most part but most important The URN!! Can Taker hang with punk in the shape he is in? That’s a big question that I think that he will and able to do so. The undertaker wrestles one time a year or so. Expect his best. The streak should always stay undefeated but if one main would its punk. I personally think its unnecessary because of punk’s status in the company & is already a made man. The undertaker gets the win.

Winner: The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match: Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar ( If Lesnar Wins Then HHH career Is Over)
I was thinking if HHH wins yeah he gets his revenge but how do they bring Lesnar back down the road? If HHH then he is Retried. It’s a bad spot with WWE but I do think that HHH gets the win & personally hopes he does as a HHH Fan. This should be another fight & a good one. This is one of the top draws for WWE on the card & needs/must deliver. HHH gets beat down but pulls it out with the Sledge hammer or some help from friends.

Winner: HHH

Tag Team Title Match: Team Hell No (c) Vs Dolp Ziggler & Big E. Langston
It’s been reported & even we did that Team hell no was going to break up & fight each other at this PPPV. Thank god that didn’t happen. Its unfortunate that Ziggler is in the spot that he is in with a tag match with a partner that hasn’t had a match on the main shows yet. Ziggler needs to be world champion but he will become The tag team Champion after this one is over. Team Hell no need a break from the titles & haven’t had a real feud since Team Road Scholars which I was tired of. It burns me out seeing them every week wrestle against each other on TV getting beat & thinking on PPV they can beat the champions. Time for a new era.

Winners & New Tag Team Champions: Ziggler & Langston

Randy Orton, Sheamus & The Big Show vs. The Shield 
This is thrown together match that had some qualification for WrestleMania. If WWE is smart they will give the shield the win. The faces (Orton, Sheamus & The Big Show) have in my opinon getting the better of the in countors. If the faces go over then I won’t be surprised but The shield needs it more than these 3 guys. They need something to spring them into something big. There getting just slightly Stail but that can all changes with a win here.

Winner: The Shield

  • Ryback Defeats  Mark Henry
  • Fandango Defeats Chris Jericho 
  • Brodus Clay, Tensai and The Funkadactyls Def Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (c) Def The Miz

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