WWE Title 3 Stages Of Hell Match: John Cena (c) Vs. Ryback
AR's Truth: A feud that has gotten some negative reviews & im not saying im a fan of the feud just more like along for the ride. Not very interested in this match but it is what it is. Ryback hasn't got the job done at last months PPV ( Extreme Rules) so with a LumberJack, Tables , Ambulance Match. The first fall makes me feel like im watching a Smackdown episode & the feature/ Stipulation doesn't appeal to me at all. The table match i like & most likely Ryback gets it done here. The third fall is all set up for Cena to get in done after he gets his ass whipped for the entire match. Cena goes on to feud with Hopefully Daniel Bryan.

Winner & Still WWE Champion: Cena Wins 1 & 3 Fall To Retain

Cm Punk Vs. Chris Jericho
AR's Truth: here we go with going out of a bit, Punk comes back & gets a huge reaction. He turns Face meanwhile Jericho turns Heel by joining Paul Heyman. How you ask he turns Heel? Heyman turns On Punk & costing him the win.

Winner: Jericho

World Heavyweight Title Match: Dolp Ziggler (c) Vs. Alberto Del Rio
AR's Truth: A feud that hasn't been built up unless you count Big E Vs. ADR for a what 7 or 8 match series on Every WWE Program (Yikes) Ziggler returns with a Win & This feud will continue unfortunate because i don't see another break out guy he could feud with on SD brand as a face.

Winner & Still Champion: Ziggler (c)

  • WWE Tag Team Title Match: Seth Rollins(c) & Roman Reigns(c) Defeats Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton
  • WWE United States Title Match: Dean Ambrose (C) Defeats Kane

Triple Threat Intercontinental Title Match: Wade Barrett (c) vs. Curtis Axel vs. The Miz
AR's Truth: Barrett has been stuck in first gear & not much a reaction. The Miz is a character that im not sure where its going. He or the creative team doesn't even know. Fandango was originally supposed to be in this match but due to a concussion of course Axel has been thrown into the mix. He is a guy who just got back onto TV & needs something to sink his teeth into. This is the perfect challenge for him.

Winner & New IC Champion: Curtis Axel

Pre Show: Damien Sandow Defeats Sheamus

Overall Thoughts: A Show that i feel we have seen the matches either on Raw or Smackdown the week before. A PPV that has the potential to have some serious kick ass matches but very predictable. Will see how they do This Sunday Night on PPV.

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