Alright yall here we go for another ice cold Review of so far the best WWE PPV this year:

Pre Show: Sheamus Def Damien Sandow
AR's Truth: Not much of a surprise here & i picked Sheamus to win. They needed something for the live crowd to get hot about & this just did the job. An Actual good match. 3-5* Match.

Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel Def Wade Barrett (c) & The Miz
AR's Truth: A better match than what i expect with the typically 3 way concept. They teased either the Miz would win or Wade would retain. They made the right move with Axel getting the title. He is going to be a dominant champion & bring back some prestige to the Jobbing title. Solid match 2.5-5*

WWE Divas Match: AJ Lee Def Kaitlyn (c)
AR's Truth: Finally they have a real Women's feud in WWE & had a good match down the stretch. Solid 2-5*

U.S Title Match: Dean Ambrose (c) Def Kane
AR's Truth: Not a bad match, Not a boring match but a watchable match. Nothing more than what i was expecting. Watchable 1.5-5*

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio Def Dolp Ziggler (c)
AR's Truth: A good match & i don't have a problem with the feud because what else or who else are they going to have challenge for the title. The problem i have is they cut Ziggler Title reign short. Yes i like the double turn but they could have waited another month. ADR is not over as a face & thank WWE creative for us not to suffer any more as a heel. Last night had some real heat . Where they go from here is Wrestling booking 101 have the face chase the  heel. Good match 3-5* Match.

Cm Punk Def Chris Jericho
AR's Truth: The match of the night & a great one at that. The return of the great Cm Punk who put on a classic with Jericho. The response was what i expected but with the look of punk it will be some time before we see him again & he growing his hair out again. Next time we see punk he will look totally different again. Definitely check out this match. Great match 4.5-5*

Tag Team Title Match: The Shield (c) Def Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan
AR's Truth: Another good match from all of these guys but for me its getting tiring see this week in & week out. Bryan is on another level right now & shouldn't be just put in a tag team division spot. He should be fighting for the world title. Good match 3-5& but lets move on.

3 Stages Of Hell WWE Title Match: John Cena (c) Def Ryback
AR's Truth: I saw everything except the third stage which is a Ambulance Match. The spot where he AA Ryback through the Ambulance i heard was very lame & it was a paper material. Either way what did yall expect. Hopefully this is the last match between this two & cena has a new challenger. The rumors are that it will be Daniel Bryan but they have to do a lot to get away from the feud with the Shield.

Overall PPV Rating: 8-10 with no bad matches & some creative differences but overall a PPV of the year so far & a good direction WWE is going into.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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