Michael Cole interviews Triple H in the middle of the ring. He tells us things we already know. Daniel Bryan gets in his face, telling him he'll beat Randy Orton and become the new face of the WWE. They have a staredown.

Thoughts: We didn't get to see the heel COO Triple H character reach its full climax in this promo, but this was enough to keep me interested in the rest of the show. Overall, short and effective segment to set the pace for the rest of SmackDown!

The Usos defeat Luke Harper and Erick Rowan with a double superkick on Harper. Rowan was chasing The Miz backstage, who left the commentary table to attack Bray Wyatt.

Thoughts: For a short match, this was pretty damn good. I wonder how long it's going to take for the Wyatts to get a shot at tag team gold, but right now they're involved in a pretty sweet angle with Miz. This match was booked to tell a story and it did well.

AJ Lee defeats Nikki Bella with the Black Widow.

Thoughts: As much as I've enjoyed seeing Brie Bella progress in the ring, it feels like Nikki hasn't had the luxury of improving her skills. I get it, she was out with an injury and she couldn't train; alright, fine, but it still makes for a sloppy performance. If Nikki was as good as her sister, it wouldn't have been a problem. AJ was awesome though, as usual. It is amazing to see how much credibility has been restored to the Divas Title just by putting it around AJ's waist.

A Cena video promo is shown for his return. Yeah. Again.

Bray Wyatt and the Family are shown backstage. They destroyed Miz, tied him up on a fence door and wrote the word "Liar" on his chest. That was awesome! This feud is reaching a point where I didn't think it could go considering WWE's inability to go forward with undercard feuds at some times. Also, on a cinematographic standpoint, the work with the camera and especially the lighting was outstanding. Sorry, I had to!
Los Matadores defeat 3MB with the Real Americans looking closely on the stage. El Torito attacks Jinder Mahal afterwards and Zeb cuts a promo saying how they'll defeat the Matadores at HIAC.

Thoughts: Frankly, this was a very respectable showing of athleticism and physicality but I just...can’t take Los Matadores seriously. They could win a thousand matches against 3MB and it wouldn’t do anything for them, they need a legitimate feud and The Real Americans might be the right men for the job. This promo by Zeb was great as usual and the intensity displayed by his team made this the best segment for Los Matadores up until now. But that’s just my opinion.

Ryback and Paul Heyman squash a jobber going by the name of CM Skunk (he’s dressed like CM Punk but has a white stripe in the middle of his hair). Heyman pins him after Ryback delivers the Shell Shocked. Paul Heyman cuts a promo after the match saying that he will pin Punk at HIAC. He ends by saying he’s the best in the world.

Thoughts: Sure, I mean, it wasn’t that bad considering everything Paul Heyman touches turns to gold, but I here’s my take on this type of segment: when they have an angle where they parody the superstar’s rival, it should never be an official match. I remember the time where they were high on bringing midgets to parody wrestlers. That had me entertained the whole time the segment took place. If you make the jobber wrestle a match and you don’t allow him to hit any wrestling move, then just have a segment where he comes down and gets the living hell beaten out of. A lot of time is saved that way and the statement is made more efficiently. Also, I cannot stand Ryback; Heyman needs to drop him ASAP.

Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo on how he’s going to beat John Cena at HIAC. He’s been saying the same damn thing for two weeks now, and that’s what happens when you have to promote the match alone on TV. On top of that, Del Rio needs to stay away from a microphone as much as he can.

Fandango and The Great Khali goes to a no-contest when Summer Rae and Natalya start a catfight in the ring. Khali gives the big chop to Fandango after the match and sends him and Summer Rae packing.

Thoughts: Nothing against Fandango, the guy can go, but Khali...Khali can’t go. He’s just awful and the fact that the WWE has been shoving him down our throats for all this time baffles me. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t get big minutes on TV, but he still has no business there. It’s bad enough to put him in a segment but I hate it so much when they book him in matches. This was boring at best. I’m excited to see Summer Rae wrestle though, her feud with Paige down in NXT is really something worth watching. Hopefully this gives her the opportunity she needs.

Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeat The Shield & Randy Orton when Daniel Bryan hits the flying knee on Randy Orton.

Thoughts: And once again, the SmackDown! main event delivers! Some would argue that it’s annoying to see The Shield in every main event on Fridays but I would politely have to disagree with those people because let’s face it, The Shield are awesome. The amount of talent in that match was very impressive, it just couldn’t go wrong, and it didn’t. Big E Langston’s push as a babyface is something that had to be done; he now has the edge to establish himself as one of the most impressive big men in the ring. The Rhodes Brothers have been putting on great performances since Goldust’s return and I look forward to see as much as we can have from them in the ring. It was a very good main event and a good way to end the show.

Despite a few good things on the show, I found this week’s edition of SmackDown to be more dull than usual. Aside from the main event and the Wyatt promos, there was nothing to write home about on this show. Thanks for reading!
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