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~Jesse Sorenson v. Tomasso Ciampa from Glory by Honor~
ML: The pace of this match was...uncomfortable, for lack of a better word. It was awesome to see Sorenson back in the ring but this match with Ciampa wasn't as impressive as I would have liked it to be. I'm not sure the extent of in-ring action Sorenson has seen since returning from his neck injury, but he looked very rusty. Ciampa tried his best to pull a good match out of him, but it felt like Ciampa was playing it as safely as possible because of the neck injury. Hopefully, Sorenson gets a legit shot with ROH and becomes a part of their roster. ROH is the perfect company for him to continue to grow and improve his in-ring skills.

~Adrenaline Rush(Tadarius Thomas & A.C.H.) vs. Outlaw INC. (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) from Glory by Honor XII~

Outlaw INC. win the match after Homicide hits Tadarius Thomas with a bulldog off of Eddie Kingston's shoulders for the pin.

ML: This was an entertaining and fun match to watch. I love watching A.C.H. perform. As long as he teams with Tadarius Thomas, ROH has an amazing team that can perform at a high quality. Hopefully, they'll get their chance at holding the tag tram gold in the futute. Outlaw INC has been a lot fun to watch since returning to ROH. Though, this match wasn't long enough to really showcase their abilities, Kingston & Homicide are the perfect blend between styles for a team. They are definitely a strong team to become the next ROH World Tag Team Champions.

~A Video Package is shown of Jay Briscoe~

ML: Nice to see Briscoe back in ROH and I'm excited to see how his current storyline develops.

~Roderick Strong v. Paul London from Glory by Honor XII~

Paul London wins the match after hitting the Shooting Star Press for the pin.

ML: WHAT A MATCH! London and Strong just tore down the house with this match! I've always felt that both guys are extremely underrated and they brought the best out in each other. I'm not sure what this win does for London, but that means we'll see more of London in the future with ROH - I'm all for it. As for Strong, I really hope ROH pushes hin towards another World Title run. Strong is "Mr. ROH" and has been the company's most consistent and strongest, no pun intended, wrestler for the last ten years. I highly recommend you check this match out. It was incredible.

~Final Thoughts~

ML: I'll keep this short and sweet. This show was awesome. It had three highly entertaining and high quality matches. ROH has really delivered with their television tapings as of late and I know that this was "Glory by Honor XII" but that doesn't mean that the rest of ROH TV has fallen short. The more this company evolves, the better. I'm loving the direction of the company and I hope that it will continue to grow. If you haven't seen ROH, you really have no idea what you're missing.

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