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Every once in a while, the WWE gets it right. What do they get right? Well, if you're like me and enjoy professional wresting as a whole, the WWE has a tendency to forget about their secondary shows. In Superstars case, they usually treat it like a throwaway show that does nothing but enhance the Raw recap experience - you know, for all those people who watch Superstars instead of Raw.

In the case of this past Friday, they actually put an effort into the show and the result was something highly enjoyable! 

~Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel~

Fandango picks up the win after hitting the top rope legdrop on Gabriel for the pin.

ML: Despite my displeasure with Fandango's awful gimmick/character, he has grown on me when it comes to the quality of matches that he's capable of producing when given time. I admittedly was not a fan of Johnny Curtis in NXT, and though I'm not really a fan of Fandango, I'm beginning to enjoy his work much more. Maybe it's the fact that he was paired with the highly underrated and underutilized B-Show MVP in Justin Gabriel or maybe it's the fact that he has improved drastically, but either way this match was enjoyable to watch. I really wish the WWE would give Gabriel a chance in a relevant storyline on the main roster; the fan support and pop he receives whenever he comes out for a show is amazing to hear. 

~Raw Recap Portion of the Show~

ML: Yep. Raw. For all those fans who would rather watch Superstars than Raw. This Bud's for you!

~R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow~

Sandow wins the match with the "You're Welcome" - a full nelson slam.

ML: Just when I thought the WWE was going to produce a dud of a second match or a match that couldn't follow the performances given by Fandango and Gabriel in the first match - they throw a curveball. This match was the match of the night and it wasn't because of Truth. As unfortunate as it is for me to say that, Truth has slowly regressed and become a victim of his poor gimmick. Most of his matches consist of nothing new and only the spots for his signature moves; nothing innovative or interesting comes out of R-Truth anymore. That's sad. Sandow carried this match and the end result was a really entertaining affair that saw Sandow come out on top. The WWE seems to finally have their act together and it appears they are booking Sandow with more strength; probably an effort to make him seem like a legitimate threat to the World Heavyweight Championship.

~Final Thoughts~

ML: I'll keep this brief because the WWE got this right! This show was entertaining and you can even skip the second Raw recap if you like because they only sandwiched one in between two very competitive and highly entertaining matches. A show like this is the reason why I decided to cover Superstars. Unfortunately, I only receive one good show in about four attempts. Hopefully, this will be changing trend starting with this show!

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