Nfl is only in their second day of the free agency and we have seen some big name already sign with other and new teams. Some people have resigned and some have found new homes. Has a fan of the cowboys they messed up but more to that later. Let’s get right into.

Eagles – the Philadelphia eagles have finally signed and did what they should have done last year . They have signed one of the best WR in the game today. Desean Jackson is now with the eagles for 5 year contract which he is gonna get 51 million dollars. Now last year he was just there. He did hold out in training camp but eventually came to camp. Well this year he gets his contract he wanted and deserve. The eagles aren’t has aggressive as last year in free agency. They signed huge names last year for their defense and missed the playoffs. Also signed mick vick to a huge contract. But that last year. Back to Jackson. Both party should be happy with the signing.

Tampa bay buccaneers – they are a very young group but you cant say they don’t have talent. They had some huge money and got to use it this year in free agency. They signed  guard Carl Nicks on a five-year, $47.5 million deal , two-time Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson and well-regarded cornerback Eric Wright comprise the biggest one-day free agent haul in franchise history . san diego let go one of the good WR in the game today. Saints had no  choice in the matter of this. Obviously I would want carl nicks to go to Dallas but wasn’t they case. Tampa needed a very good corner . most of their defense is old and you got to have young blood in  there and that’s what their team is.

Chicago bears – they have also been busy. They signed they trade for Brandon Marshall and only had to give up two 3rd round picks. Now Brandon has some problems off the field but you can’t denied the talent that man has. They also get Jason Campbell (qb) .

Miami dolphins – they have screwed up so big that you can’t make a nothing good out of this situation. They trade Brandon Marshall for two round 3rd round picks. Are you serious. Why would you trade your best player away when you have manning in your own back yard. All you have is Reggie Busch. They have no shot with manning now and maybe they knew that manning wasn’t interested. But if he was he aint now. They also signed a defense tackle.

Dallas cowboys – wow they have let go a lot of people now they screwed up last year with there uncapped year but there salary cap is ugly. They let go Terrance Newman (cb) , kicker david Buhler , Newman was scheduled to count $8.016 million against the salary cap in 2012 and by cutting him the Cowboys have created either $4 million or $6 million in space to sign free agents depending on how they designate the roster move. They also let go wide receiver Laurent Robinson. He got on a five-year, $32.5 million deal with $17 million in guarantees to the Jaguars. Brandon Carr the  Dallas Cowboys have agreed to a five-year deal with the free agent cornerback on Wednesday. also The Cowboys also agreed to a three-year contract with quarterback Kyle Orton. Both Carr and Orton played last season for the Kansas City Chiefs

The New York Giants have signed former Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett, the team confirmed.The deal is for one year and $2.5 million. Honestly that isn’t a huge loss because he didn’t do much.

New Orleans saint – they need to stop messing around and sign there quarterback drew brees. They franchised him last week but there gonna have to pay him the money that he diverse. They resigned Wide receiver Marques Colston agreed to a five-year contract to stay with the New Orleans Saints, the team announced Tuesday. The deal is worth around $40 million and includes about $19 million in guarantees. Colston was one of the key free agents the Saints couldn't afford to lose.

Detroit lions - The Detroit Lions have locked up their biggest star, signing receiver Calvin Johnson to an eight-year contract, according to the team's official website.
Johnson is set to earn close to $130 million over the next eight seasons, including $113.5 million over the final seven years of the deal, The deal includes $4.5 million in an existing roster bonus due on the final year of his rookie deal. The deal also includes $53 million in guaranteed money, with his $1.25 million base in 2012 guaranteed, and $36 million due in signing and option bonuses . that’s huge for them and he is the best WR in the game today at least in my opinion.

Payton manning – a lot of people have there opinion but I think he will sign with Denver broncos . they have a better team and he went to them first and john Elway and him are friends. If not there then Arizona. But Miami is out of the hunt.

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