CM Punk Def. Curtis Axel
A good competitive back and forth action match. Yes we have seen this before but this was one of their better matches. Good start to Smackdown, the mind games of Bray Wyatt makes the story more compelling with Punk being paranoid. Good 3.5-5* Match.

The Usos and R Truth Def. 3MB
A standard six man tag with a good finish. Once again another rematch but this one was so short that I didn’t mind. What I love about Smackdown is that they skip right to the meat and potatoes of the match. Basic match 2.5-5* Match.

Alberto Del Rio and John Cena Talking Segment
Well we got some decent and some bad. Let’s start with the bad, John Cena. He didn’t come off serious at all until he challenged him to a match. Leave the comedy stuff at the curtain and let’s get to work. I’m not saying go all thug like he has the past couple weeks but a serious champion. When he is a thug character so to speak it’s all about him being serious. If he could be a serious guy then I can be a Cena fan all the time and not part time. Del Rio seems to repeat himself too much which hurts him.

John Cena Def. Ryback
If you have seen it once then you can figure out the second, third, fourth and several times over again. Same match with the same good ole fashion boring move set and waiting on Cena to have his comeback. I wonder why I’m not a Ryback fan and every time he wrestles he reminds me. Thank you.

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