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Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz win the pre show gauntlet:
What a joke. Two guys who have ZERO business being on the main card of BFG challenging for the tag team titles? No wonder this company is being ridiculed.

Chris Sabin wins Ultimate X and the X Division Title when Velvet Sky distracts Jeff Hardy: Lackluster Ultimate X with a crappy finish. Who does that in the opening match on your biggest show of the year? TNA, apparently.

Abyss takes out Bad Influence when Eric Young brings him out: The fact that none of these four wrestled on the biggest card of the year when most of them represent what TNA is all about absolutely sucks. Pure garbage.

Jesse and Robbie defeat James Storm and Gunner to become tag team champions: Must be a late April Fool's prank. Storm deserves so much better, and those two are nowhere near deserving of the tag titles. Not an awful match, but Jesse has zero in ring talent.

Kurt Angle declines the Hall of Fame induction: TNA trying to be unique with a storyline isn't a bad thing, but the problem with the card's silly booking just made this that much more annoying.

Lei'D Tapa helps Gail Kim win the triple threat and the Knockouts Title: Not a bad match from the Knockouts, but I didn't enjoy the interference finish for such an important match. TNA's knockouts division is something I've always been impressed with and booking a non clean finish was silly to me.

Bobby Roode defeats Kurt Angle: Slow match for the first ten minutes, but the pace picked up and the story told was really great. Call it a four star match and easily the match of the night on this card. Roode winning means Angle will be struggling with himself in storyline now, but that's okay. Great match with the right guy going over.

Ethan Carter III(EC3 aka Derrick Bateman from WWE NXT) defeats a local jobber: Nice to see Bateman in TNA; he possesses a multitude of talent in the ring and on the mic, and I'm excited to see what he can do for the company in the future.

Magnus defeats Sting with the scorpion deathlock(sharpshooter): Lackluster sums up most of the card, but it sums up nothing better than this one. Has Sting ever had a great match with someone average? As memory serves, the answer is no. I'm starting to question if he's ever been able to carry anyone with subpar talent to something special. It's not that I think Magnus lacks talent, but Sting is 53(or 54) as of March and he just can't move at an exciting pace.

AJ Styles defeats Bully Ray in a no DQ main event to become the new TNA World Champion: Let's get Dixie out of the way first. She's not Vince McMahon and NO ONE wants to see her involved in storylines. Grow up, woman! As for the match, these two told a nice hardcore story(much better than Bully and Sting at Slammiversary). AJ did a lot of good stuff here and carried Bully to a satisfactory main event for an otherwise dud show. Great ending, honestly. If you take Dixie Carter out of the picture, then this was one fantastic hardcore World Title match.

Two matches made this show worth checking out. I've seen it before with other pay per views, but this should've delivered better. Angle/Roode and Styles/Bully are both matches that I would seek out again, which is actually more than I can say for the last two Bound For Glory shows(the Bobby Roode match with Angle in 2011 and his match with Storm in 2012 are the only things worth revisiting on either card). 

I don't know where this leaves TNA, but as for me, I'm open to seeing where the storylines go from here. Thanks for reading!

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