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Damien Sandow defeats Kofi Kingston in the kickoff match with the full nelson slam. Not a bad kickoff match, but I was hoping to see Big E. take on Axel(Axel is apparently injured). I also thought I heard them say Big E. will face Dean Ambrose? Good start to the show, and good promo work by Sandow with his teasing of the cash in. I can't wait to see how this show unfolds with some quality wrestling! Call it two stars for Sandow and Kofi for lack of time.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust defend the tag titles against the Usos and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a triple threat match to kick off the show! Rey Mysterio is at the Spanish announce table tonight. That could easily mean his involvement in the show. Rollins and Reigns are being very vocal as the crowd chants Goldust. The Shield members stop Goldust from tagging anyone else and Cody has to break up a cover by Reigns. Good teamwork by the Shield. Roman works the crowd with a taunt and calls Goldust old man. Very very vocal tonight, and very out of the ordinary from the Shield. Cody gets tagged in and shows off with Dbry like fire as he nails a moonsault and only gets a two count. The crowd is hot! One of the Usos tag in on a disaster kick attempt. Reigns botches going over the top rope but the Usos have huge momentum and Rollins kicks out on a Samoan drop. Cody suplexes Rollins from the top rope to the OUTSIDE ONTO EVERYONE ELSE! Holy hell, what a move! This match will be hard to top tonight. The crowd chants this awesome. Cody pins Rollins after he delivers crossrhodes! That match was excellent and will be hard to beat. Call it three and three quarter stars! Nice to see Cody and Goldy's run continue with the belts as they make them feel important again. I love it!

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are shown talking backstage. You can't hear what they're talking about.

The Miz comes out for an apparent match. He challenges Wyatt to a match by himself right now. Bray shows up on the tron and cuts a creepy promo. The lights come on and Rowan and Harper are there in the ring. They get the best of Miz and beat on him. The crowd chants "we want Kane." Kane's music hits and he comes to the ring. He can't slam Harper properly when he goes to lift him but he does manage to toss him over the top rope. Kane then picks up Miz and chokeslams him. What's up with that? Maybe Kane is following the buzzards. JBL's crack about MizTV was funny, but his comment about not knowing why Kane is back was somewhat stupid.

Summer Rae and Fandango come out. Talk about piss poor booking with no logic. Worse than Dolph Ziggler's booking. Summer and Dango dance. Khali and Natalya come out with Hornswoggle as their mixed tag opponents. This is awful. Dango and Summer win when Summer pins Natalya. I took a bathroom break during this one because I figured it would be pointless. I was right!

Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Kaitlyn and Josh Mathews are the kickoff crew and they talk about the match that some of you just saw. 

Dean Ambrose is defending the US Title against Big E. Langston. I don't see Ambrose losing the gold, but it could definitely be the start of a decent push for Big E. Just heard Ambrose call for the belly to belly before Langston nailed it. That was awful. Big E. kicks out of a big DDT from Dean. Langston spears Ambrose off the apron as he goes through the middle rope and they both fall to the floor. Langston wins by countout when Ambrose decides not to get back in the ring. Very good story told here by these two, and I honestly wasn't expecting anything this good. Big E. nails the big ending on Ambrose after the match. I can see Big E. having a huge future in WWE if they decide to use him properly. Good match and props to both men for working hard; call it 2 and 3/4 stars for not having a lot of time. 

The cell is coming down as it's time for CM Punk to take on Ryback and Paul Heyman. I don't expect this one to be epic or anything close since Ryback is involved. Heyman comes out to the ring on a messed up scissor lift. The lift raises up above the cell as Heyman cuts a promo on being the best in the world and says he owns CM Punk. He climbs out on top of the cell and stands on it as the match starts inside the cell with Punk and Ryback. They brawl very aggressively. I wish their match last year had been this intense. Ryback is tossing Punk around like he's a ragdoll, and it's actually a decent story. Ryback now calls for Shell Shocked but Punk counters out and gets the cain. He beats on Ryback and then delivers a flying elbow for a two count only. Punk low blows Ryback and he lays on the table set up in the ring. Punk delivers a flying elbow through the table as Heyman looks on from above. This has been a really great psychological story here for a slower paced Punk match. I'm enjoying this. Punk nails a GTS on Ryback for the win! Will Punk get Heyman? Call it three and three quarter stars for quality and let's see if Punk goes after him. Punk tucks the cain into his back trunks and climbs the cell to get to Heyman. He kisses Heyman on the top of the head and then beats him down with the cain. A lot of fans are happy right now. That match was surprisingly great for Ryback, and I'm gonna say that was his second best match ever(one of the ones he had with Dbry was great as well), and he really held his own here. Punk then delivers a GTS to Heyman and his music hits. 

The divas, Los Matadores/Real Americans, and the two World Title matches are still to come with 95 minutes to go. 

Renee Young interviews Daniel Bryan. She asks Dbry what his driving motivation has been since Orton cashed in on him. Dbry says he's only ever wanted a chance to prove he can be WWE Champion, and tonight he has the chance to prove that. He says he hopes Shawn will be a fair and impartial referee. He then reminds us of the night after WrestleMania 28 when this very crowd in Miami started chanting yes all night long. Love a good bit of history.

It's time for the Los Matadores to take on the Real Americans. I have little interest here, but I'll enjoy the Cesaro swing whenever it happens nonetheless. Colter cuts a promo before the match. I mute it. Cesaro's cape looks silly. Cesaro's swing goes 31 seconds. Wow. The Los Matadores win when they pin Swagger after a double team maneuver. Not much of a great match, but it wasn't terrible either. Basic tag team match that gets just a hair under two stars if I have to grade it, which I'm doing with all the matches tonight. El Torito takes out Zeb after the match.

It looks like it's time for John Cena to challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio's waving a huge Mexican flag as he comes to the ring. Cole hypes Cena's ability to return fast from injury, and the crowd seems genuinely positive to his return. A mixed amount of cheers and boos, but overall positive. Lilian gives Alberto his typical spanish introduction. Let's see what these two can do together; their last one on one pay per view match was Night of Champions 2011 for the WWE Title in Buffalo where Cena won the gold from ADR, so let's see if history repeats itself. The bell rings. We have some very loud let's go Cena/Cena sucks chants. Good back and forth stuff, but it's slowing down a bit. Damien Sandow is shown watching backstage. Talk about ruining the potential element of surprise. Cena dropkicks Del Rio out of the air and gets some momentum. Del Rio counters and nails a backstabber but Cena kicks out. Cena nails a tornado DDT on ADR and also only gets a two count. The way they're showing Sandow getting ready, I'd be willing to bet that he loses if he cashes in tonight. The audience continues to be vocal during the back and forth action. Cena counters a cross-armbreaker attempt into an STF. Del Rio gets the bottom rope and goes for another armbreaker. Cena powers out and slams ADR and they're both down on the mat. Cena wins the World Title with an AA. Call it three and a half stars for a good match. Nice performance by a returning Cena here. Let's see if Sandow comes down. No cash in. That's okay; the match was better than I expected it to be and the crowd was awesome for it. You can hate Cena all you want and call him stale, but he's still an excellent performer. Two matches to go!

It's time for Brie Bella to take on AJ Lee. They try hyping the match with the superstar panel using Kaitlyn, but it's futile. AJ comes to the ring with Tamina at her side. Brie has Nikki in her corner. AJ defeats Brie with the black widow. And no one cares, but the match wasn't that bad. Call it one and three quarter stars for lack of time and interest. It's 10:17PM EST so I assume they needed to rush to make the main event something special.

We have a backstage segment with the PTP and Bob Backlund as they advertise WWE 2K14. At least they made it on the show.

It's time for the main event! Slow to medium paced back and forth encounter for the first few minutes and the crowd is way into it. More solid back and forth action. Great match thus far. Dbry tosses multiple chairs into the ring while he has the upper hand. Orton uses an eye rake and beats on Dbry with one of the chairs he tossed in the ring. Orton attempts to superplex Dbry from the top rope onto the pile of chairs but only his legs connect. Dbry kicks out of the pin attempt. Hunter comes out and scolds Shawn during the match and tells him to do the job right. Orton accuses Shawn of slow counting him all night. The match goes on and Hunter screams at Shawn to do it, but Shawn gets bumped by Orton and knocked down while Hunter distracts him. Hunter comes in the cell with the doctor. Dbry nails Orton with a flying knee and Shawn is down. Dbry nails Hunter with the flying knee and the crowd chants yes. Shawn then superkicks Dbry and Shawn counts the pinfall for Orton. Orton wins one helluva match. Great contest despite the finish. Hunter raises Orton's hand to close out the show.

This card delivered and we now have a ton of controversy surrounding the WWE Title scene. Top to bottom, this was a solid show. Call it 7.5/10 overall for high quality action. Thanks for reading! 

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