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John Cena kicks off the show. He talks. Damien Sandow comes down, teases a cash in, attacks Cena, and then actually cashes in. Cena defeats Sandow with an AA.

^Tell me that didn't just happen. I'll break it down so that it seems partially acceptable. First, Cena is the only person who failed to win a championship when cashing in, so one could argue that he earned the right to defeat a cash in attempt as well. Second, Sandow could now challenge Cena for the title at Survivor Series(or even have a triple threat match) thus propelling Sandow into permanent main event status. Lastly, Sandow is most likely going to be working a program with John Cena over the World Championship, and to me that means we all win as fans every time we get to see them interact in the ring(whether it be wrestling or talking). While I'm not fond of Sandow not succeeding, the cash in ratio of wins to losses has definitely been very one sided for a long time. Hot start to the show with a very vocal crowd!

*I'm leaving out my disgust for Sandow not winning the title because I'm trying to remain optimistic, but WWE made a ridiculous mistake in touting Sandow as being so intelligent and then having him cash in at an idiotic time. It really hurts his character in my opinion when he has potential to be one of the best ever if marketed properly.

A Shield promo is shown about wrestling tonight. Ambrose says something in his promo about Rollins and Reigns not having their gold anymore, and they look at him.

^A tease for a potential Shield break up down the line? Very intriguing. Ambrose is clearly the total package of the three and has the most potential for big time success. I'm guessing WWE will get that wrong though. 

Ambrose vs Big E. Langston becomes a six man tag with the Shield taking on the Usos and Big E. Reigns gets the win after a double spear on the Usos.

^Too short to be important, and it's been done too many times to keep my interest. Find something new to do with the Shield, and give the Usos the damn belts.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring to explain himself.  He asks Daniel Bryan to come out and he does. Shawn tries to apologize and wants Dbry to shake his hand. Dbry refuses and Shawn goes off before demanding a hand shake. Dbry still shakes his head no, and Shawn gets pissed. Dbry puts Shawn in a yes lock when he shakes his hand. Refs break it up.

^So the retired guy that should be doing the right thing becomes a heel? That almost makes sense...not. Dbry has been ill used in his main event run and WWE really dropped the ball with their opportunity here.

Renee Young tries to interview Dbry but he gets attacked by the Wyatt Family.

^And now you have concise proof that Dbry won't be challenging for the WWE Title at Survivor Series. I'm furious.

Los Matadores take on 3MB and defeat them in a handicap match.

^Unbelievable. Just ridiculous to book the SAME thing OVER AND OVER and treat us like we're idiots. 

Tamina and AJ defeat the Bella twins when AJ forces Nikki to tap out to the black widow.

^No one cares. They do nothing to make these feuds more interesting for the women. Sick of it.

Kane defeats the Miz in a short match. He calls out Stephanie McMahon. Kane tells Steph that she's been on a power trip, but in this day and age, you have to be and tells her the monster is his to unleash. He goes up to her, gives her his mask, hands it to her and then leaves.

^Kane's a heel again? No way. I'm shocked. 

A video is shown of David Otunga talking about Big Show's lawsuit against WWE. Otunga says this lawsuit could cost the McMahons millions.

^Where's Otunga been? What is this? Are they going to tie it into Big Show dropping the lawsuit in exchange for a title shot against Orton? That's not predictable or anything.

CM Punk comes out. He cuts a promo on what he will do to Ryback tonight(put him to sleep).

^Great Punk promo as always, but why is he STILL working with Ryback?

Punk defeats Ryback in a street fight when he taps out to the Anaconda Vice. The Wyatt Family come out after the match and attack Punk. Bray says the devil made him do it.

^Burying Ryback is the best thing about this show so far. He needs to go away forever. The Wyatts feuding with Punk and Dbry could make for a fun Survivor Series match, but why are neither Punk nor Dbry going after Orton's title?

The Real Americans defeat Goldust and Cody Rhodes in a non-title match when Swagger forces Goldust to tap out to the ankle/patriot lock.

^Looks like the Real Americans could be going after the tag team titles, and the diversity here of the tag team division is very refreshing. 

Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo about Cena being a thief and the World Title belonging to him.

^Haven't hear this before. Del Rio needs to either find a personality or be like the Randy Orton of old and never talk. Just shut up and wrestle!

Natalya defeats Summer Rae with the Sharpshooter after Khali knocks out Fandango on the outside(Fandango had first gone after Hornswoggle).

^Better than nothing, but why am I watching Khali on my screen instead of someone like Dolph Ziggler?

The roster is on the stage for Randy Orton's celebration and we get the usual Authority/Shield combo. Hunter puts over Orton as the face of WWE and then brings him out. Big Show interrupts Orton's speech and gets beaten down by the Shield. The Usos along with Cody Rhodes and Goldust clear the way for show and he makes it to the ring. Orton and Hunter get away. Show cuts a promo and Orton attacks Show, but Show delivers the knockout punch. Hunter teases a confrontation with Show but doesn't get in the ring. 

^So it's a Big Show/Orton feud for the WWE Title? That'll put many to sleep. I really don't care about the WWE Title scene if one of the top performers isn't chasing the gold. Thanks for nothing, WWE.

A couple decent wrestling matches and some shady booking leave me shaking my head. What the hell was this? Is this really the current direction of the product? I'm fairly disappointed right now as a viewer. Call the show three stars out of ten, and that's only because I'm feeling generous. Thanks for reading!

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