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Here we are with forty four minutes of nonstop excitement from WWE Superstars! Not buying it? Neither am I, but nonetheless, here we go!

The show kicks off with Naomi coming to the ring with Cameron and Brodus Clay. Tom Phillips and Alex Riley are on commentary. Naomi is taking on Aksana(who happens to have Alicia Fox in her corner). Naomi pins Aksana after a rear view finisher. She celebrates with Brodus and Cameron after the match.

^Aksana has never been anything interesting to me, but yet we continue to see her sporadically on WWE TV. I'll definitely admit that this was better than Brodus wrestling, but it was still nothing to write home about as Naomi botched a ridiculous looking standing hurricanrana during the match. I guess there's something to be said for having a variety of females wrestling on your roster, though I'm sure exactly what specifically you would say about it. Scratching my head.

Double Raw recap consumes thirteen minutes of air time. Nice waste of my time.

Kofi Kingston defeats Santino in a short match with a rollup. They shake hands after the match.

^Not much of a match given the length of time from these two talented gentlemen, but at least they made it on a tv show and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. 

Another Raw recap closes out the show. Dandy.

Divas who no one cares about, and a short match between two of my favorite performers that came off as less than anything worth viewing? Thanks for the dud show, WWE. Sorry if you wasted your time watching the show.

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