Opening Segment
Excellent videos to start the show. I also thought the opening promo was good except for Hogan. In all seriousness, is he OK? His last few promos have been weird in one way or another, including this one. The chanting of "brother" at the end certainly qualifies as weird in my book. I still think some sort of swerve is in the works for the main event, but they love to turn Anderson so who knows?

AJ Styles defeated Austin Aries and advanced to the Bound for Glory finals at 14:35.
Not a good match from Aries and Styles, and I think if you catch them in a moment of honesty they would agree. It didn't stink, and both guys worked their asses off. They just didn't have a good rhythm and never established a good flow. It happens sometimes. That was a decent promo by Magnus. I think he loses here so Styles can beat Daniels and Kazarian too, but a good short promo.

Magnus defeated Bobby Roode and advanced to the Bound for Glory Finals at 6:54.
Wow. When we discussed this earlier today in Dot Net Weekly, I thought Roode would win, but I also predicted it would be Magnus winning the series if not AJ Styles. So I'm kind of right I guess? At any rate, it was a mediocre match. I hope AJ is going to do the kid a solid if it is him. Magnus has been doing well, and I think he might be main champion material, but he needs a lift right now.

Backstage Segment with Bobby Roode trashed an area backstage and Daniels and Kazarian ran up to calm him down. Bully Ray talked to the remnants of Aces and Eights and pled his case for them supporting him. He said he loved them all and he hoped they felt the same about him.
What was the purpose of that Dixie and Hogan segment? Surely it was meant to do more than announce the two MMA guys wouldn't be there, but so what? Did anybody even care about them? What an absolute waste of time!

TNA World Title Match: Bully Ray (c) Defeats Mr. Anderson
An interesting turn there at the end. Is Anderson's contract up as well? It could be that this was done to write him off for good. I guess we will have to wait and see. It was a decent match that entertained the live crowd and that came across well on TV.

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez with James Storm & Gunner in ring promo
 Not a good promo in the bunch. Storm is nothing but clichés. Chavo has never been good on the mic. Gunner's first half was a repeat of Storm, and the second half seemed overly aggressive for the conversation. Not a good way to kick off a feud., but this feud is doomed anyway because the challengers are terrible.

AJ Styles defeated Magnus and won the Bound for Glory series at 14:14.
 I finally figured it out. AJ Styles is that hot, but stupid, girl that you get all giddy for until she opens her mouth. Styles and Magnus had a good match and the crowd loved the finish. Then they gave him a mic and it was the equivalent of turning on a fire hose. All the heat dissipated.

I'm very concerned about Dixie Carter becoming involved in storylines again. She can't act, and the last time they put her and Styles together he became the worst thing on TV. Hopefully they don't make that mistake again. And what did EGO running out do? That served absolutely no purpose whatsoever, so why do it? What a mess.

All in all it was a good show that had a couple of big problems. Still, the main event had a big fight feel to it, and it translated well. Now if they can just keep Styles away from the mic. 

Credit: Chris Shore

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